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RLJ-1670 -- SEPTEMBER 23, 2018

Part 5: Early Years of Abram


God has people loyal to Him in every generation. Job was a grandson to Noah, whereas Abram was the tenth generation from Noah, but both of them came from the bloodline of Shem. Furthermore, they were alive around the same time and knew about the first book of Enoch and this undoubtedly led to Job's famous declaration of faith. God first selected Terah, but when he failed, the call moved to Abram and he succeeded where his father had not. However, this journey was not without pressure, and stress and anxiety revealed his flaws. Abram lied to Pharaoh about Sarai and left Egypt in shame; he did well in handling the strife among the herdsmen and successfully rescued his kidnapped nephew. Abram received a promise from the Lord regarding a son that seemingly failed to materialize as he and Sarai got older and older. He lost sight of God's vision when it came to an heir because Sarai was past child bearing age and so he fathered a bastard with Hagar, then compounded his folly by driving her and Ishmael away due to Sarai's jealously. God promised that Abram would be a blessing to all families of the earth but he found it difficult to serve the Lord with all the pressure around him.

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