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RLJ-1673 -- OCTOBER 14, 2018

Part 8: The Training of Joshua


The successor to Moses was a man from the tribe of Ephraim named Joshua and his training began soon after the Israelites left Egypt. He was among the men instructed by Moses in warfare and chosen to be the commander against the first attack by the Amalekites. Moses continued utilizing Joshua as a military and political leader. But the sin nature revealed itself after being elevated to this position of power and Joshua proved he was just like any other man when he asked Moses to rebuke two men who were prophesying without permission. Presumably he saw them as competition and was rebuked for this attitude. Joshua was later one of the princes selected to spy out the land of Canaan. Only he and Caleb were not intimidated by the giants and believed God that could give them the Promised Land. When the forty years of wandering in the wilderness were almost over, God told Moses to have Joshua anointed and to take his place to lead the Israelites. Joshua had been thoroughly vetted by this time, and according to Moses, "was full of the spirit of wisdom." God never elevates a rookie to a leadership position and Joshua was finally ready to lead the Israelites.

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