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RLJ-1674 -- OCTOBER 21, 2018

Part 9: Trusting God, No Matter What!


As a military commander, Joshua knew a decisive victory over a hardened target would put fear into the Canaanites and so he sent out spies to Jericho. The scouts decided the safest place to lodge was in a whorehouse where they met a harlot who had been visited by the Lord. Rahab knew Jericho was doomed and hid the two men, telling them that fear had fallen on the city, and made them promise to spare the lives of her family. Crossing a flood swollen river is no easy task and but God wanted to impress upon the people of Israel that Joshua was His man. The Lord magnified Joshua by stopping the flow of water so that the Israelites could safely walk across a dry river bed into the Promised Land. Then God did something that made no sense when He ordered all the males to be circumcised on the same day. A grown man that is circumcised would take several days to recover. This plan was suicidal because all the fighting men would be recovering from their wounds, giving the Canaanites the opportunity to overrun and kill them all. Joshua obeyed and Jesus met him outside the camp with instructions how to attack and conquer Jericho.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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