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RLJ-1682 -- DECEMBER 16, 2018

Part 16: A Human Tragedy


There were three judges that ruled Israel during the 25 years prior to Samson. Yet the people returned to paganism and God wanted to do something special for His disobedient and rebellious people. This is why Jesus personally appeared to Samson's parents before he was conceived. Samson would be a Nazarite and free his people from the Philistines. His parents didn't know it then, but Samson would also be gifted with supernatural strength to aid him in the task of presiding over Israel. He singlehandedly prevailed against a thousand Philistine soldiers and carried off the city gate of Gaza upon his shoulders, but his weakness for heathen women, despite God's prohibition, would be his downfall and eventually lead to his death. Jesus heralded the birth of Samson and children grow up learning about his great strength and how he dealt with the Philistines, but instead of being a powerful man of God that led Israel back to the Lord, Samson ended up in the arms of women that discarded him. Delilah was the last one and she used her sexual prowess to uncover the source of his great strength. Samson entered the world as a champion for God, but he spent his life in vanity and left as a fool.

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