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RLJ-1683 -- DECEMBER 23, 2018



There is a lot of confusion among Christians as to what the Gospel means, but most can agree it has to do with what Jesus wants His followers to do. Jesus is the founder of the Christian church and His ministry was supernatural, beginning with the incarnation, when the Son of God inhabited a human body. The physical body of Jesus had a birthday but the Son of God did not. Think about that for a moment. It is also important to realize that Jesus' physical body died on the cross, but Jesus spent three days and nights in Paradise until His physical body was resurrected and He moved back into His body and commissioned His followers with the same supernatural power. However, this only comes about through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and this where the modern church runs into trouble. Instead of soaring like eagles, the majority of church members are like fat turkey's scrounging for crumbs on the ground because the supernatural aspect is missing. They are trying to fulfill the great commission, not knowing that they have been abandoned by the Holy Spirit. Jesus clearly outlined what He wanted His followers to do and the weak modern church bears little resemblance to the formidable and dominant early church.

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RLJ-1683 Supplemental
Aleksey Belyayev and Angello Tina have been active in Christian ministry and both feel called by God to more, so Resurrection Life of Jesus Church confirmed their calling by licensing them into the Gospel ministry.



All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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