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RLJ-1691 -- FEBRUARY 17, 2019

Part 24: Wickedness of Humanity


Abner and Joab were unscrupulous men who did not shy away from anything as long as it benefited them. David and Ishbosheth turned a blind eye to their wickedness as long as Joab and Abner provided safety for them. Baanah and Rechab were greedy underlings who were willing to betray and commit murder if they could gain from it. King David was a shrewd politician who was willing to lie in order to avoid offending the elders of Israel. He was a callous statesman and thought nothing about killing off the Jebusites living in Jerusalem because he wanted the city for his capitol. God ushered in the golden age for Israel and David responded by indulging himself in sexual pleasure and adding more wives and concubines to his harem. David fell into the trap that snares most people living parallel lives. He enjoyed a pleasure-seeking lifestyle until things got tough and then walked with the Lord while waiting for the situation to get better. There is no doubt that humanity is sinful, yet the Lord is in the redemption business, and we should be thankful that God the Father is willing to change us into the image of His dear Son.

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