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RLJ-1708 -- JUNE 16, 2019

Part 5: Pornography


Jesus knew that technology would take off in the last days once humanity discovered electricity, allowing mankind to sin using the latest advancements. A whole new industry sprang up utilizing magazines, newspapers, cameras, computers, smartphones, videos and the internet. Pornography exposes individual nudity and depicts couples engaging in sexual intercourse. Jesus foresaw that the portrayal of such erotic behavior would be a plague on humanity and so He enhanced the seventh commandment given to Moses. It was not enough to simply stay away from adultery, but that looking and lusting after the opposite sex was equal to adultery. Pornography is built upon lust and masturbation and Jesus had a radical message of what to do with your hands and eyes if you could not control them. He said it was better to rip out your eye and cut off your hand if you couldn’t restrain yourself. Ironically, a recent survey revealed that 65% of pastors are hopelessly hooked on pornography. Is there anyone who doesn’t think this will adversely affect preaching and the condition of each church?

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