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RLJ-1714 -- JULY 28, 2019

Part 11: Judging & Prayer


Mankind is infected with the desire to judge other people and take away their self-worth and dignity because of our sinful nature. Jesus was aware of this defect in the human race and sought to remove it from His disciples. This is why He stated that before you judge another Christian, it is important to examine yourself first. This is what the secular world means when it says that people in glass houses should not throw rocks or that the pot should not call the kettle black. Most Christians are under the impression that prayer is simply a religious activity. The truth is that prayer is a form of communication, something which we do naturally every day. Most people simply tell God what they want and then they are done. They have absolutely no interest in listening for God's response. They like the limited interaction and aren't interested in anything more. Yet talking to God should be as normal as eating three meals a day. Through prayer we confirm God's agenda will be carried out, declare our needs, seek forgiveness, avoid temptation, and affirm the Kingdom of God and His power.

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