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RLJ-1721 -- SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

Part 17: The Trial That Never Was


The Sanhedrin was a legitimate judicial authority but they intentionally disregarded their ethical obligations when they ramrodded a guilty verdict in less than three hours. While the Sanhedrin had the authority to sentence Jesus to death, they did not have the autonomy carry it out. As a result, Jesus was turned over to Pontius Pilate for execution. The Sanhedrin ironically did not want to enter the Roman palace because they considered it unclean, but they had no qualms about perverting justice to convict an innocent man. Pilate felt there was no case against Jesus, but politics is a dirty game and he gave in to the demands of the ungodly Jews that called for Jesus' crucifixion. The Sanhedrin gave the illusion of a fair legal process when they convicted Jesus, there was more injustice from Pontius Pilate and the Romans summarily flogged and executed the Lamb of God. It was nothing less than political murder.

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