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RLJ-1722 -- SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Part 18: The Crucifixion of Jesus


It was Roman custom to flog the condemned and torment him even further by having him carry his crossbeam throughout Jerusalem’s streets to Golgotha. Jesus was incapable of carrying the heavy load. The merciless beatings from the Sanhedrin and Romans had left Him struggling to simply walk. This is why a man named Simon was tapped to carry the crossbeam to the execution site. The Son of God was then stripped naked, thrown down upon the crossbeam, and a large nail was painfully driven into each hand, followed by another nail into each foot. The High priest and his cronies showed up to sadistically mock the Son of God and Pilate ordered a sign placed on the cross that he knew would anger the Jews. Jesus’ final act of love was to speak to the apostle John and instruct him to care for His mother. Then God the Father poured out His wrath upon Jesus for three hours until the Son of God finally declared, “It is finished!” Jesus had paid for the sins of humanity and then He left His physical body on the cross. It was the end of the beginning.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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