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RLJ-1724 -- OCTOBER 6, 2019

Part 20: The Resurrection

When the atonement was finished on the cross, the Son of God left His body and went to Paradise, where He stayed for three days and nights, including a short trip over to hell to inform the people therein that the atonement was complete and their fate was sealed. Meanwhile, Joseph of Arimathea collected the body of Jesus and put him in a tomb and the Sanhedrin nervously stationed Roman soldiers outside, not because they believed He would rise from the dead, but because they didn't want the body stolen. The disciples of Jesus had gone into hiding, grieving over the death of their Messiah. None of them had any faith that Jesus would be resurrected. The third day arrived and Jesus left Paradise and came back to the tomb. The Holy Spirit surged through the dead body, making it come alive the moment Jesus re-entered the body. The guards froze in fear when they saw an angel roll away the stone from the tomb. The Jewish leadership refused to repent and initiated a cover-up but it was impossible to contain the truth. Jesus had risen from the dead just as He said He would!
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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