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RLJ-1732 -- DECEMBER 1, 2019

Part 3: The Baptism of John

Mankind likes to be in control but that is not possible with the third person of the Godhead. Jesus put the Holy Spirit in charge of the church. He controls us, not the other way around. The majority of Christians today have stopped with the baptism of John, meaning they are only baptized in water and never receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist preached repentance and that people should turn from their sins and believe in Jesus Christ. This is a shame because Jesus intended for Christians to be sealed by the Holy Spirit and receive His baptism as well. Hence Jesus' instructions to His followers about waiting for the Holy Ghost so they could go out in power. If salvation is equated with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, why did Peter and John lay hands on the Christians in Samaria and pray for them to receive the Holy Spirit baptism? The Bible clearly shows that salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit are two distinct events. So why are Christians following man-made doctrines which contradict the simple and easy to understand words of Jesus? You have only to examine the Bible and follow its instructions.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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