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RLJ-1735 -- DECEMBER 22, 2019

Part 2: Body, Soul & Spirit

Every human being is born with a body, soul, and a dead spirit which is made alive at the moment of salvation. The physical body is a replica of the soul body. The soul brain contains your personality and this is why you continue to live on when your physical body dies. It is here that God has programmed your intelligence, memory capacity, talents and skills, emotions, and the capacity to call out to God for salvation. In contrast, the born again spirit is the only part of the soul brain that has the ability to communicate with God. The spirit is sinless since it has been made alive by the Holy Spirit and can be likened to a parallel brain with a greater capacity than the soul brain. An unsaved person is spiritually dead and the soul’s sinful nature rules in absentia, but he still has the capacity to do all sorts of things in the physical world. A Christian has the same ability, but he should use his born again spirit to rule his life. When the soul experiences negative emotions, they are transferred to the physical brain and converted to electrical currents that race throughout the nervous system. Now you know why the cure for most sickness begins in the soul.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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