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RLJ-1736 -- DECEMBER 29, 2019

Part 3: Forgive & Forget

There are physical laws on earth which we deal with on a daily basis that are based on empirical observations of physical behavior. Likewise, God has instituted spiritual laws that are just as real. The forgiveness we receive from God when we repent is conditional because it is predicated upon our willingness to forgive those who have hurt us. When you harbor unforgiveness, God won’t forgive you nor will the Holy Spirit use you to minister to others because you are violating a spiritual law. When the prodigal son returned home and repented, he was not only forgiven, but his sonship was restored with all its rights and privileges. As far as the Father was concerned, the son was restored into full fellowship and his sins were remembered no more. Most people have not understood this wonderful truth and live continually in fear, shame and condemnation. The power of forgiveness is the ability to accept and live with the knowledge that a saved person is forgiven, restored and a joint heir with Jesus Christ. Understanding this reality will cause the soul to be in harmony, paving the way for the physical body to be healed of its infirmities.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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