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RLJ-1742 -- FEBRUARY 9, 2020

Part 5: Preparing for the Antichrist

The Beast control system described by Jesus in the Book of Revelation is not an allegory and it will be difficult to survive without compromising your salvation. Christians need to be on the lookout for the rise of a charismatic global leader, the temple in Jerusalem being rebuilt, the Antichrist declaring his godhood and subsequent assassination, two witnesses that can't be killed, and a false prophet that will introduce the infamous Mark of the Beast. The rapture will take place at some point, but Christians need to be spiritually prepared to deal with the Beast system. Purchasing property in remote areas and stockpiling food and weapons is not going to help. God's people have been in tight circumstances in the past and survived because of supernatural provision. This is what happened with the three million Israelites that left Egypt under the leadership of Moses and their forty year stint in the wilderness. They didn't just survive, but thrived in the midst of adversity, and you will need the same type of help with the Antichrist and his control system.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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