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RLJ-1751 -- APRIL 12, 2020

Part 4: Life After The Flood

Noah, Job, Melchizedek, and Abraham were all alive at the same time. They were worshipers of God at a time when most people turned to idol worship. The tower of Babel was a precursor to a world government and so God confounded the descendants of Noah and scattered them throughout the earth. Abraham never met Job, we donít know if he was in contact with Noah, but he certainly encountered Melchizedek. In fact, Noah, Job, and Melchizedek were alive when God told Abraham to go to the Promised Land. When Moses fled Egypt after killing a man, he came to Jethro in the land of Midian, which was the same area where Job had lived hundreds of years earlier. Jethro was part of a remnant that served the God of Noah. We find that the Lord had four men which stood firm and preserved the knowledge of God amidst fierce spiritual attacks by the Devil. They were successful because God made sure that His Word would be preserved. The genesis account is a record of Godís role in mankindís history and Satanís attempt to bring humanity into idolatry.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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