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RLJ-1753 -- APRIL 26, 2020

Part 5: Wavering Faith

The call to go to the land of Canaan came to Abraham's father, but he failed to fulfill God's command. Noah was still alive when Jesus called Abraham. God made such a strong impression that Abraham simply went out in faith, not knowing where he went. Abraham was very prosperous but he also encountered problems that tested his faith. Abraham lied to the King of Egypt about his wife, later Sarah convinced him to have sex with her slave to produce an heir, and he initiated circumcision with every male in his group. More than two decades later Abraham still had not received the promised heir and no longer believed Jesus; in fact, he openly laughed at Jesus when He reiterated the promise of a son. Abraham knew about creation, the fall of mankind, and life before the flood, but he did not know if God was supreme. How much control did God exercise over earthly affairs? Jesus was patient, knowing that it takes time for faith to develop. It would take several more events and another appearance from Jesus before Abraham had sufficient faith to believe in the impossible.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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