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RLJ-1758 -- MAY 31, 2020

Part 2: The Great Space War

Lucifer was the ruler of the earth before the war in heaven. Prior to Adam and Eve, this planet was populated with cities and kingdoms and the he created devastation by pitting these people against each other, causing the earth to become like a wilderness. Lucifer also traveled to every angel civilization and convinced one third of the angels to join his cause of dethroning God. A succession of battles was fought across the universe and the space war ended with Lucifer's final stand on earth. The Bible doesn't give a timeline for these events, but we know that Lucifer was sentenced to the Lake of Fire and humanity was created afterwards. Christians need to understand the greatness of God, the vastness of our universe, and the role mankind plays in proving the righteousness of God to all the creatures of the spirit world. We have nothing to brag about and should be thankful that our eternity in heaven is secure.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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