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RLJ-1764 -- JULY 12, 2020

Living During the Tribulation
Part 1: The Beginning of Sorrows

Sometime in the future there will be a devastating nuclear war between the United States, Russia and China. Afterwards there will be a call for all nations to surrender their sovereignty and a charismatic, homosexual man will convince everyone that future wars can be averted if the world is just joined into a World Federation. He will assume the title of Supreme Leader, exercise dictatorial power, scrap all legal systems, be hostile to Christianity, rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, declare his godhood, be assassinated, and rise from the dead. Two men in sackcloth will bring judgments upon the earth, incinerating their enemies, and hindering the agenda of the Supreme Leader until he finally kills them 3.5 years later. The Supreme Leader will introduce the Pastor, who is there to rehabilitate his colleague's reputation after being embarrassed by God's witnesses, and this Pastor will perform miracles, create a microchip based control system, and institute mandatory worship of the Supreme Leader. Many Christians are stunned when the pre-tribulation rapture fails to materialize and they decide to embrace the charismatic resurrected leader.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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