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RLJ-1765 -- JULY 19, 2020

Living During the Tribulation
Part 2: The Surviving Remnant

The majority of pastors have no clue that the Supreme Leader is the Antichrist of the Bible and they encourage their congregants to receive the microchip implant. When the False Prophet reveals that Lucifer is the secret ally behind the Supreme Leader, and introduces the Luciferian trinity to the world, undiscerning Christians believe every single word. Meanwhile, there is a remnant of spirit-filled Christians scattered throughout the world. They are homeless because they rejected the Supreme Leader’s control system and stubbornly hold to the belief that the words of Jesus are true. The paper copies of the Bible which survived the anti-Christian purge are used to set up an educational system. The Holy Spirit gives them great understanding, angels provide them with food and water, and these men and women experience amazing miracles during the Tribulation. The Luciferian efforts to hunt down them down in the wilderness areas prove fruitless because God is protecting them.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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