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RLJ-1834 -- NOVEMBER 14, 2021

Part 45: The Kings of Israel

King Joash of Israel inherited a depleted army from his father and sought help from Elisha because the Syrians were pressing hard. In doing so, he was scolded by the prophet for lack of effort. In the meantime, King Amaziah decided to go to war with Edom and hired 100,000 mercenaries from Joash, Jesus intervened, and the mercenaries were very angry because the real money was found in the looting and they felt cheated by Amaziah’s action. As a result, the mercenaries took revenge by killing and pillaging the inhabitants of Judah on their way home. Amaziah sought vengeance for their actions and challenged Joash to a fight. Amaziah refused to back down and Judah was beaten badly. Joash marched his counterpart to Jerusalem and tore down a section of the city wall, looted the temple and Amaziah’s palace, and returned with hostages to Samaria. Joash did evil in God’s eyes. Like his predecessors, he died and went to hell with nothing to show for his time in power.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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