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RLJ-1840 -- DECEMBER 26, 2021

Part 51: The Kings of Judah

It is obvious that Jehoshaphat was familiar with the five books of Moses because he made sure the people were taught the Word of God. He built up a large army, fortified the cities of Judah, destroyed the Baal worship in the high places, and removed the Sodomites from the land. Judah had a strong economy and the people prospered under God’s blessings. This is when things began to go awry. Jehoshaphat was drawn to King Ahab of Israel. They made an alliance and Ahab sought Judah’s help in retaking the Levitical city of Ramoth-gilead. Jehoshaphat was rebuked by the Lord for this action, but unlike his father, he took the reprimand to heart and enacted reforms. Toward the end of his life, Jehoshaphat decided that Judah needed a navy and joined himself to King Ahaziah of Israel, but the project came to a spectacular end when holy angels destroyed the ships. Jehoshaphat was certainly a great king, but the good doesn’t matter if you compromise with the Devil.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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