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RLJ-1843 -- JANUARY 16, 2022

Part 53: The Kings of Judah

Amaziah was educated about the Lord and knew his nation’s history. He supported worship in the temple, but failed to destroy the high places of Baal worship because he still wanted to be on good terms with the Luciferian crowd. He decided to hire 100,000 mercenaries from Israel to bolster his army. After a prophet rebuked him, Amaziah sent them home, but regretted the wasted money. The mercenaries angrily sacked a number of cities on their way home and the people of Judah paid for the king’s foolishness. Jesus helped Amaziah in a battle with the Edomites but he abandoned the Lord when he returned to Jerusalem with heathen artifacts. Amaziah foolishly made war with King Jehoash of Israel and returned home as captive. In retaliation Jehoash plundered the temple and palace in Jerusalem and tore down a 600-foot section of the city wall. Amaziah descended to a dark personal place and his life ended as yet another tragic story, having wasted his time on earth.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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