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RLJ-1845 -- JANUARY 30, 2022

Part 56: The Kings of Judah
(Jotham, Ahaz)

Jotham ruled as a co-regent for a number of years during his father’s bout with leprosy. While he did not repeat his father's mistake, he also did not destroy the high places of Baal worship. By walking with the Lord, he was able to defeat the Ammonites and receive tribute. He finished a number of building projects and his legacy would withstand an invasion during his son’s reign, but he failed to set up an educational system to prepare the next generation. Ahaz became the next king and opened the gates of hell. He embraced pagan worship, going so far as to sacrifice his own children to Moloch! Judah was attacked by the Israelites and Syrians and Ahaz bribed the Assyrians to conquer Syria and clip the northern kingdom’s wings. He traveled to Damascus and was so impressed with the pagan altar that he had a replica built in Jerusalem. The people embraced his example and Judah tottered on the brink of total destruction. Would the southern kingdom fall just like Israel?
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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