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RLJ-1853 -- MARCH 27, 2022

Part 64: The Kings of Judah
(Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin)

Jehoahaz witnessed his father systematically root out idolatry, but he embraced the Kabbalah the moment he became king. Pharaoh Necho overthrew him three months later and appointed his brother as a vassal king. Jehoiakim also embraced the Kabbalah and several prophets condemned his actions. Eight years later King Nebuchadnezzar knocked on his door and told Jehoiakim to become his vassal or die. Jehoiakim continued to worship Lucifer and sin to the maximum extent. As a result, God brought in various groups to attack Judah and this kept Jehoiakim occupied until he died. Jehoiachin was next on the throne but his rule only lasted three months. He was a Kabbalist as well and failed to understand that serving Lucifer would only bring the wrath of God. These three kings of Judah simply lived for the here and now and this resulted in the first exodus as Jehoiachin and 18,000 Judeans were force marched to Babylon. It would not be the last such occasion.
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