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RLJ-1854 -- APRIL 3, 2022

Part 65: The Kings of Judah

The last days of the Kingdom of Judah is a sad chapter in the history of the twelve tribes of Israel and serves as a warning that God is love, but He will also impute judgment when necessary. Zedekiah’s reign was marked by a Kabbalistic conspiracy by the political leadership. Jeremiah was given prophecies about the southern kingdom’s destruction and a second exodus to Babylon. Zedekiah sent for Jeremiah privately and implored the prophet to tell him the truth. This was ironic given the Kabbalah’s penchant for lies! Nevertheless, Jesus gave Zedekiah an opportunity to avoid bloodshed, but fear caused him to make a fatal choice. Zedekiah was afraid of the Jews that had been previously been captured by the Babylonians and this is why he rejected God’s offer to save himself and the nation. The folly did not end there as Zedekiah ordered Jeremiah not to disclose the life-saving information he had shared with the king and for some reason the prophet went along with the request.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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