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RLJ-1865 -- JUNE 19, 2022

Part 70: The Four Beasts

The prophetic information revealed to Daniel is not in chronological order, but the same also holds true for the Book of Revelation and other prophetic writings. Regardless, the Godhead wanted to establish what would take place in relation to the fourth king. God reveals a lot of details to Daniel about this man/monster, but there are gaps in the information. When compared to the revelation of the apostle John, a horrible picture of the future emerges as you connect the dots. It is clear we are close to the time Jesus described as the Great Tribulation. The technology needed by the Antichrist system exists. The political situation is ripe with wars and unrest and people are ready to seek a solution from a global government which will end all wars and provide financial security. You should master these two prophecies so that you know where we are at in the timeline, giving you the ability to warn people that the time is short before the Man of Sin takes power.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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