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RLJ-1867 -- JULY 3, 2022

Part 72: Don't Ignore God's Warnings

The fourth chapter of Ezekiel seems bizarre. Why would Jesus want Ezekiel to suffer for the sins of Israel and Judah? Why require the prophet to exist on a meager diet? Why demand that he shave his head and cut off his beard? The answer rests upon the fact that Ezekiel was going prophecy death and destruction to hardened idol worshipers and Jesus needed to mold the prophet until he would not be intimidated by them. If God judged the apple of His eye, can America expect any less? The Lord is dealing with our nation in the same way He dealt with Israel and Judah some 2,700 years ago. Our political leadership champions immorality and uses lies for gain. They only respect rule of law when it benefits them. These people are responsible for abortion on demand, inflation, high fuel prices, an open border with Mexico, race baiting, and a crime surge that has resulted in death and destruction. Repentance is the only solution!
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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