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RLJ-1870 -- JULY 24, 2022

Part 75: God's Avenging Angels

The guided tour of the temple that Jesus provided for Ezekiel in Jerusalem showed a final group of men standing on the temple ground worshiping the sun. The Son of God called this the worst of the three abominations because He created the sun to be a celestial body that generates light, not to be worshiped as with the Egyptians. In addition, some women became false prophetesses and invited men to their homes in exchange for barley and bread. Jesus invoked the names of Noah, Daniel and Job and stated that even if these righteous men returned from the dead, the people of Judah and the land would still be judged for the evil being perpetrated. The time of grace ended as six angels emerged from the city. One had an inkhorn to mark the godly men, while the other five served as executioners for the wicked. The event prophesied in the spirit world manifested itself with King Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion in 587 B.C. that saw Jerusalem and the temple destroyed and only a remnant left alive.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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