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RLJ-1891 -- DECEMBER 18, 2022

Bill Chacon

Some Christians hold the view that there are many ways to heaven. However, the blame must be laid at the feet of preachers who fail to speak truth from the pulpit because they want to fit in with the changing norms of society and be politically correct. The world has become soft and tolerant of the things that God hates and sinners need godly men and women to tell them the truth. Many years ago Pastor Bill reached a low part in his life and was contemplating suicide because he had taken his eyes off the Lord. At the bottom of the pit, Bill learned he could get a hold of Jesus and the Son of God would pick him up and guide him out of the mess. He found his connection to real life, not the fantasy of lies advertised by the Devil. Although he continued to hit bumps in the road of life, Jesus got Bill through them all and today he has everything desired out of life because he chose to focus on the Lord, and the music that was such a big part of his life has become a conduit for evangelism.
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