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RLJ-1904 -- MARCH 19, 2023

Part 11: Selecting Apostles

When Jesus saw Peter and Andrew at the beach next to their fishing boat, it wasn’t an impulsive act to select them to be His disciples. This decision was made in eternity past during the virtual time run. When the God-man approached James and John, He knew everything about them from the Holy Spirit. The Godhead designed the souls of humanity and this explains why these four men immediately left everything to follow Jesus. The Son of God started his public ministry by healing a man. This supernatural event garnered attention and pretty soon stories were circulating about a healer. There was further euphoria when the God-man cast out demons and healed the mentally ill. These miracles served as attention grabbers so the Son of God could present the doctrine which God the Father had given Him. Pastor John also touched on the lie pushed by some denominations that the gifts and miracles of God are no longer needed since we have the Bible.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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