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RLJ-1916 -- JUNE 11, 2023

Part 21: Who Can Be Saved?

Jesus descended from heaven, a society with the highest form of technology, and was incarnated into a human body. The God-man retained his knowledge and memory as the Creator. He taught principles about holiness, morality, and salvation to primitive humanity that had barely advanced from the stone age. The Son of God humbly took on human form to connect with mankind. He was kingdom minded in that Godhead wanted to prove their righteousness and harvest as many human souls as possible. In contrast, the Jews wanted their Messiah to drive out the Romans, but Jesus did not come for that purpose. Mankind was ignorant of heaven’s requirement – the need to be born again! Everything falls short to grace and faith. The God-man laid out His agenda for the future church and the importance of a solid foundation. Jesus offers eternal life and a future in heaven. The Lake of Fire awaits those who trust in religion and good works.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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