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RLJ-1922 -- JULY 23, 2023

Standing Defiantly in God's Way

King Hezekiah was a godly man. He reigned for fourteen years and then the Assyrian empire invaded his domain. Hezekiah tried to bribe King Sennacherib to return home, but he took the silver and gold and besieged Jerusalem anyway. The captain of the Assyrian army, Rabshakeh, mocked God and told the Hebrew soldiers to surrender because the situation was hopeless. Hezekiah went to the temple because he desperately needed a word from the Lord. God told the prophet Isaiah that everything was under control and the Assyrians would leave. Then they came back just as brash as before. Hezekiah sought the Lord again. His imprecatory prayer was heard in heaven and an angel executed every Assyrian soldier in their encampment. We have a similar situation in the United States with political leaders that mock God and Christians. Moral degenerates are actively working to seduce children to become like them. God responds to imprecatory prayer. It is time to call upon the Lord!
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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