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RLJ-1927 -- AUGUST 27, 2023

Part 30: Invitation from Jesus

Jesus and John the Baptist were second cousins. John started his ministry earlier than Jesus and was well-known when the God-man came to be baptized. Then he was arrested by Herod Antipas. Eventually he sent two disciples to find out if Jesus really was the Messiah. The God-man recited the great miracles being done, but made no attempt to rescue His cousin. It is difficult to know the mindset of God. John was beheaded for speaking the truth. The apostle James was killed as well. Peter, Paul, and Silas were jailed but set free. What can we conclude? God is sovereign in His actions. He chooses to let some die while saving others. We aren’t told the reasoning. Jesus went so far as to curse the cities of Galilee that witnessed His miracles and refused to repent. He issued an open invitation to anyone that wanted to be blessed, promising rest and a light burden for those who willing to take up His yoke.
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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