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RLJ-1929 -- SEPTEMBER 10, 2023

Part 32: The Spirit World is Listening

Two thousand years ago, the renegade teaching of the Kabbalah was not mainstream for the Jewish people. It was a religion for the upper-class which consisted of the High Priest, his council, and the Pharisees. This is why Jesus only fleetingly dealt with the subject when He encountered Kabbalists in the crowds that followed Him. He called them vipers because of their messianic serpent and went so far as to label their synagogues as strongholds for Satan. Pastor John also addressed how the spirit world governs the physical world in which we reside. Jesus stated that every word is recorded, and you will be judged not only by your actions, but also by your words. The Holy Spirit hears everything on earth. Any words spoken in faith will be noticed by God. Conversely, negative words will attract the attention of Lucifer and his minions. Are you speaking words of faith or are you full of doubt and unbelief?
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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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