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RLJ-1933 -- OCTOBER 15, 2023

Part 35: Mustard Seed and Leaven

Jesus was a master storyteller, utilizing everyday items to convey messages about the Kingdom of God. He likened the Kingdom of Heaven to a mustard seed and said that a tiny amount of faith is all it takes for believers to do supernatural works. It is not the size of your faith, but your sincerity in believing that all things are possible that makes things happen with the Lord. The God-man also spoke about yeast and what occurs when it is mixed with a lump of dough. Leaven is like sin and can spread quickly. But Jesus also pointed out that the Kingdom of Heaven would spread to the whole world and used the illustration of leaven to reinforce the power of the Gospel in relation to yeast permeating a batch of dough. The Son of God spoke in parables because the majority of the people hardened their hearts toward His message, rejected Him as the Messiah, and were not open to the treasures of heaven.
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