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I found this ministry because I was looking at spiritual roots to my physical issues. I had been dealing with chronic illness since 2013. Some of the issues were hypothyroid, fatigue, inability to exercise, waking up tired from a long sleep, food allergies, auto immune, anxiety, panic, depression, and desperation to get better. I was also struggling with alcohol cravings I kept going back and forth in this even though I knew the Lord told me in 2011 to quit drinking and my life would change.

I had a lot of traumas in my life. I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I also struggled with ADHD, voices in my head, and I always felt at war within myself. I had a place inside of me where I had stuffed all of my pain away so that way I could cope with my life, I call it the chaos place. There was so much darkness in me!


I would also disassociate when something would become too stressful. I always felt that I couldn’t figure out who I was, nor could I commit to anything for a long period of time. I had tried going to secular counseling, psychologist, psychiatrist, Biblical prayer counseling, pastors, health coaches, and I was about to go to another counselor for brain healing techniques. I had them still scheduled even though I knew I had a deliverance scheduled just in case this didn’t work.

I wanted so badly to follow God and to love God but in myself I had no idea how. I had spiritual growth in my life and I had healing in my life but there was a wall that I could not get past and I could not be delivered. I was constantly striving and living in disillusionment. I’ve been walking with God for almost 15 years and I wanted to know why I could not be living the abundant life that was promised to me.

I reached out to Pastor John Torell through his website after watching some of his videos and also some of the testimonials. Pastor John reached out to me right away. He help me to identify my issues by educating me on the FULL word of God. The team here truly cares about the people they connect with through their ministry. My eyes were opened by the Holy Spirit and the sin that I had in my life through breaking God‘s laws were affecting my physical body not to mention all of the trauma that I had been through in my life that I had just stuffed away.

My husband and I studied Christian Dynamics Course 1 and then I came to the church for my deliverance. Praise God the voices stopped, the chaos place has been cleared, and I finally have peace within myself, even the ADHD I was diagnosed with and medicated for at a young age is gone! I have mental clarity and my body is healing! My identity crisis is over I know who I am now I am a beloved daughter saved by the blood of Jesus. I am redeemed and set free and I can pursue everything that the Lord has for me without any more fear. Praise God!



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