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During the years I was the pastor at Christian Life Ministries, I had the opportunity to hear the testimony of Norman Williams in 1978 and the terrible airplane crash which he survived at Tenerife that killed 583 people.

There were two Boeing 747’s which collided on a foggy runway in Tenerife, Canary Islands on March 27, 1977 in the worst aviation accident in history. Norman Williams told how he survived the fiery cabin and was able to walk down a burning aisle without being touched by the fire. He was lifted by an angel through a hole in the fuselage and slid down to the wing. As he stood precariously on the wing about 15 feet from the ground, fear suddenly gripped him and he broke his leg when he landed. Norman was able to crawl away from the wreckage and was picked up by emergency workers.

It is one thing to read about a great testimony or watch a television program in which a person recounts events in his life, but it is completely different to be in the same room and have a chance to ask questions afterwards. Norman's testimony made a great impact on my life as I was able to ask how he felt, what kind of thoughts were running through his mind as he stood there in the middle of a burning cabin and what had prepared him with such great faith?

God supernaturally protected Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego some 2,600 years ago as recorded in the Book of Daniel. The Lord has not changed, as evidenced by Norman’s testimony of walking through an inferno. There are fresh miracles to be experienced every day by believers in Christ.

No one can accuse Norman Williams of concocting this story because his name was on the passenger list. The accident is confirmed in history and verified by official government records. It is a true story that will build up your faith!



The scene following the crash at Tenerife.

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