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I have been a Christian for many years and had previously gone through deliverance. I have also attended workshops and conferences on deliverance and received some benefit. 

I was baptized in the Holy Spirit approximately three decades ago in a Pentecostal church. They falsely taught me that a Christian could not have demons and this led to many problems in my life. Praise Jesus, the Holy Spirit has led me to the truth!


This ministry preaches that Christians can have demons and their approach to this problem is entirely different from my previous experiences. The counselors worked with me one-on-one and diagnosed what was wrong with me in a very precise and detailed way.

They took the time to explain how I opened my life to demons without even knowing it. Once the spiritual door is opened, the demons can cause all kinds of difficulty like sickness, divorce, relationship difficulties, problems at work, and even in your home. The counselors used scriptures to teach me how to close the doors and remove every bit of demonic interference – such as fear and anxiety – in my life.

Then they helped me to break curses in my life. Did you know there are 92 curses in the Bible? I had broken many of God’s commandments, and whether it is one or all, the result is the same. I had run afoul of God’s laws and become cursed. After repenting and breaking the Biblical curses one by one, I also broke generational and personal curses, as well as curses spoken by others against me. The counselors helped me to forgive the people who had wronged me and I sought forgiveness for all the people I had wronged.

I was asked to write my biography before I came to the ministry center and the counselors used my account to identify some 200 traumas that had hurt my soul. I had so many traumas that my soul was like a one of those road signs with holes from being repeatedly shot. My soul is now healing and I no longer hate myself.

I was also bound by a spirit of Arrested Development that had made a mess in my life and it influenced me to make the worst possible decisions. No thanks to the Devil, I have been divorced seven times and bankrupt twice! I was so ashamed of my failures that I had a very low self-esteem. I am overweight and used to console myself that many of my problems were due to being heavy. “Poor Paula” was how I used to comfort myself. But that is in the past! I’m a registered nurse and I see the havoc demons cause in my patient’s lives.

I'm so happy I found Resurrection Life of Jesus Church! Deliverance has opened up the windows of Heaven for me and closed the door to the Devil and his minions!

I have started the follow-up program that is based upon “Christian Dynamics Course 3.” I am embracing a new lifestyle, learning who I am in Christ, and how to grow into maturity as a woman of God.



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