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As we approach the end of time on this earth, and the power of the Antichrist increases, the pressure to conform to the events of the world is getting stronger and stronger. Very few pastors and Christian churches today will take a stand on the issue of pagan holidays and what Christians should do.

For a number of years we published a small booklet called The Truth About Christmas by Reverend Charles Halff. Reverend Halff is Jewish and some years ago he heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was saved and today he is a Christian. His written stand on this subject is very good, so we are reprinting his testimony in this revised booklet to make it available to the public.

We used to feature three chapters from the book, Babylon, Mystery Religion, written in 1966 by Ralph Woodrow and published through his own evangelistic association. The book is no longer published because Woodrow withdrew it from the market when he changed his position on Christmas and decided to celebrate it once again.

My own chapter to this compilation has been added in order to back up the position taken with an extensive search of Scripture. Please read it and let God speak to you through His Word. Be brave and take a stand for Jesus and the truth. Remember this, If you cannot say "No" to pagan customs now, how will you be able to say "No" in the future when you are asked to take the Mark of the Beast whose number is 666?




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