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The Ignorance of Christians Concerning Zionism

by John S. Torell


The following email came in to me from "Bill" who had shared some information about the roots of Zionism with another friend, "Chris." I decided to post it online because it shows the total lack of knowledge about the roots of Zionism among Christians.

I have shared some information with a Christian friend, and this is his response to Ted Pike and Benjamin Freedman. There is also a response from Jews for Jesus. I thought I would forward this to you so you can tell us if there is any documentation that would back up Benjamin Freedman's claims of having documentation. Zionism is so big, yet why can't anyone see it. I want to know, is the church today like a Judas, thinking were doing Jesus a favor?

Thank you



Source #1

Hello Bill,
I have been getting inputs from a number of Christian Leaders whom I respect here is an up-date.

From the founder of Jews for Jesus, Moshe Rosen: (They do have an active evangelical outreach in Jerusalem.)

Hi Chris,
I read through some of the material you sent and it is anything but true. Frankly the Zionist Movement, as described, is generally projected by those who believe The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.This Fellow, Ted Pike, is an outright liar when he talks about Kabbalah and Talmuld. I for one do not have any use for these non-biblical books as shedding any light on the true faith but they certainly don't have anything about the conspiracy, of which Mr. Pike, speaks.

He additionally shared that in order to understand Ted Pike's esoteric interpretation of what he calls "Historical Documents"
There must be credible verification of those documents. And he knows of none.

So Bill are you aware of or have you actually seen the documentation and their verification? Let me know.

Source #2

Another input from Michael, a born-again Jewish Christian Pastor, regarding documentation:

When someone makes a claim, the burden of proof is upon them to produce the evidence for that claim. The way to get your friends to see how false these statements are is to simply request that they produce the documents that this man claims he's basing his "facts" on. You see, anybody can say anything about anyone - for example, I can say,

"I know for sure the Bulgarians are out to take over the world and I have documents to prove it." Then, I have to produce the documentation to prove my claim. Freedman, for example, makes audacious claims and says he has the documentatation. Well, that means it should be redily available to all. Ask them to produce it. The fact is, most people don't take the time to substanciate claims - so they are easily deceived.

So we could say:
This guy, Freedman, is making all this up. He claims he has documents but I would bet that you couldn't produce them if your life depended on it. You see, it's all lies until there is documentation to prove his claims. I sincerely feel a little embarrassed for you that you are believing these unsubstantiated, undocumented statements - taking them hook line and sinker without taking the time to even look at these "documents" he's claiming he has that will substantiate his statements of his. Here's what he said - it's about the 16th paragraph in his speech (I highlighted the part about him claiming to have documentation for all these lies:

"While that was going on, the Zionists in Germany, who represented the Zionists from Eastern Europe, went to the British War Cabinet and -- I am going to be brief because this is a long story, but I have all the documents to prove any statement that I make if anyone here is curious, or doesn't believe what I'm saying is at all possible -- the Zionists in London went to the British war cabinet and they said: Look here. You can yet win this war. You don't have to give up. You don't have to accept the negotiated peace offered to you now by Germany. You can win this war if the United States will come in as your ally.

Q#1 - Where are the verified documents he claims he has to prove that the Zionists in London went to the British war cabinet and said,

"Look here. You can yet win this war. you don't have to give up. You don't have to accept the negotiated peace offered to you now by Germany. You can win this war if the United States will come in as your ally."

next paragraph:
Q#2 - And where are the verified documents that prove this:

"They [Zionists] told England: We will guarantee to bring the United States into the war as your ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise us Palestine after you win the war.
In other words, they made this deal: We will get the United States into this war as your ally. The price you must pay us is Palestine after you have won the war and defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.

Then, ask them to document the rest of his audacious claims. They'll be at work at this for months - and will not produce anything. This will actually be a blessing in many ways:

1) you'll be teaching them to get documentation before passing claims on to others as "fact"

2) you'll be giving them the opportunity to do research instead of passing on lies

3) you'll affirm with them that you do not just jump on board when new revelations are shared with you but instead you will proceed with caution and seek credible substantiation of the documentation that is claimed to be available. Simply ask them to produce this documentation along with its verification and they'll be left with egg on their face.

If, for some strange reason they come up with any kind of semblance of documentation, then make sure it's substantiated with a credible witness - like a historian - and not a fellow anti-semite.


Michael is very involved with preaching the Gospel and does street ministry as well as pastor the Church that we are attending. He is humble and gifted and has a wonderful anointing which we both appreciate .

Source #3

And from Pastor Jack Hayford of Church on The Way: He has a tape on "the eight reasons why we support the Nation of Israel." This includes God's promise to Israel and how God deals with the subsequent sins of the nation.

Jack is a scholar and a recognized authority on Israel and Biblical Prophecy. And he is the current Presiding National Leader of the Four Square Church.  He was one of the best Professors I learned from when I earned my Master's Degree in Divinity back in the 70's.

All these counselors seem to be in agreement that this Zionist conspiracy is not true and cannot be credibly substantiated. I also shared it with a few others but
haven't heard from them.

I took a lot of time to do this because I love you and wanted to examine what you shared. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Sincerely, with love,



The men who responded to you are totally uneducated in Jewish matters. I feel sorry for them. For starters, here are two references to the Zionist movement, written by unsaved Jews, printed and distributed in Jewish circles only. If these men want to purchase these books, and most of all read them, they will forever hang their heads in shame for being so uneducated and yet speaking so strongly about something which they know nothing about.

  1. This first reference comes in two volumes and is called "New Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel." The first edition was published in 1971 by Herzl Press and McGraw-Hill, New York. The second edition published in 1974 by Associated University Presses., New Jersey. This publication is presented by the World Zionist Federation as the official historical record of their movement. Even if this work is done by unsaved Jews, their work cannot be refuted since it contains photos, biographies and historical events, all of which have been documented by the contributors of this encyclopedia. Hundreds of Jewish Zionist leaders are listed as the contributors and the list reads like "Who's Who" in Jewish circles.

  2. The second reference is "The Transfer Agreement" by Edwin Black. It is published by Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc., New York, 1984. Edwin Black, an American Jew, gives a very damning historical account how the Zionist Leadership collaborated with the Nazis from 1933 until 1945. This sensitive subject has been debated in Jewish circles since the mid 1930's since it proves that the Holocaust was partially to blame on the Zionistic movement. Abraham H. Foxman, an American Jew and national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), wrote an afterword in this book confessing that the old Jewish leadership had indeed been working with the Nazis, but they had done so under duress, trying to save as many Jews as possible and sacrificing others to the Nazis. This book lists sources from Zionist documents to government sources in the United States, England, France and Germany.

There is much other written material about the Zionist movement but these two Jewish publications will blow any Christian Zionist out of the water if they are actually willing to read the material. I have written about Zionism myself in the following issues of The Dove: Winter 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2004. I wrote an article, Where Do I Stand On The Jewish Question in which I lay out my position. There is also a email which I received, it is especially relevant since the views expressed by this sister in the Lord are representative of the many Christians in the world today and how they view the political State of Israel.

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