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A report by Pastor John S. Torell

March 21, 2007


For the last seven years or so, our ministry has quietly supported a local pastor and his wife in Kenya, Pastor Isaiah Kego Oendo and his wife Rose. He and his wife reside in Ogembo, which is located in the northwestern part of Kenya at an elevation of 5,393 feet. The area has been covered heavily by Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) for many years and they have many followers in this area.

Isaiah and his wife Rose came across our website in the late 1990’s and contacted us. At that time our webmaster was Mrs. Lois Amacher, who is now retired from this job.                          

Isaiah indicated to us that he had been a member in the SDA church, but that he felt that their teaching was not correct and he did not want to worship any more on Saturdays. As a result, the local SDA leadership was giving them a bad time. The Oendo’s had started an independent program and asked if our organization could license him to preach. Mrs. Amacher forwarded the request to me as the pastor and president of our mission organization.

In a number of board meetings, we discussed what could be done for this small group, since our finances were extremely limited. It was decided that we could not do anything as an organization at that time, but if individuals wanted to help out it would be all right. Furthermore, the issue of worship was not important to us, since it does not matter to us if a person worships on a Saturday or a Sunday. This was conveyed to Isaiah and his wife.

For the next three years or so, the outreach to Kenya was handled by Mrs. Amacher, who had taken a personal interest in this pastor and his wife. Many letters were sent to Lois with different kinds of requests. For a while, people in the church collected clothing, which was shipped to Ogendo. Shipping was very expensive and most of the shipping cost was paid by Mrs. Amacher, who has been retired for some 12 years and lives on a fixed income.

When I read the letters from Isaiah and his wife I became uncomfortable, because they were telling us of walking many miles without shoes, having malaria and different sicknesses and there was always a dire need. They had no food and how were they to feed their children? Lois then began to send money on a regular basis to pay for food, and from time to time extra money as needed for medicine and other supplies.

One day Mrs. Amacher announced in our church that Isaiah and his wife needed a sound system and an electric generator for their meetings. A member in our church felt led to give toward this and a sizeable amount of money was sent over to Kenya in 2004.


Isaiah then informed us that in order to continue as a pastor for the church he had started, he had to have a license from a ministry in the United States. It was discussed in a board meeting and Isaiah was licensed with our organization and he was given permission to use our name, “Resurrection Life of Jesus Church – Kenya, Africa.”

Once this was done, the next request came. In order for Isaiah to be able to conduct meetings outside of Ogembo, the church had to be registered with the government in Nairobi. The cost of this was some $1200 U.S. dollars. Again, individuals in our church raised this money, with a large chunk coming from Mrs. Amacher. On July 11, 2006, the Kenyan church was registered and a copy of the registration sent to us.

Isaiah and Rose kept sending pictures from their meetings and it looked like they were having a successful ministry and winning many people for Christ.

For several years, the weekly sermons I preached in Sacramento, including the music part of our service, were sent to them on cassette. Books, teaching cassettes and other material were also sent to Isaiah and his wife.

From the very beginning of our relationship, Isaiah and Rose have asked us repeatedly when we could come to Kenya and hold meetings. In each instance, we told them that we do not have the finances to make such a trip.

Our ministry was founded in 1972, and very early in our ministry, we began supporting a native church work in Pakistan. During our 15 year involvement with that ministry, we learned that when “rich” American Christians travel to a third world nation to hold meetings, the Americans are expected to pay for all expenses, which includes all travel, renting of facilities to hold meetings, advertisement, and cash for the host pastor and his group to carry out their work.

Naďve Americans think how great it is to be invited to come and preach the Gospel, but they do not know that many times this is just a racket. They do not know when native people invite people from the West or from Europe to come, they know that they will carry gifts with them (cash).

The same holds true for American Christians traveling to Israel to see the Holy Land. They are excited and eager to witness to Jewish people as they have a chance to walk where Jesus walked. What they do not know is that the tour guides, cab drivers, waiters and other service people at the hotels know how to milk “the stupid” Americans. Every time a new batch of Americans arrive in Israel, they listen with eager faces as these tourists witness to them about Christ, and some of them make decisions to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The tourist is overcome with emotion, as another Jew has accepted Christ, and they tip the new convert heavily with a joyful heart. The Jewish people working in the tourist industry know that if they “get saved,” the tipping gets very heavy. It’s all a scam, these Jews couldn’t care less about Christ, but they know how to make money on the name of Jesus. The same also applies when American Christians travel into Arab controlled areas of the Holy Land, these Muslims also “get saved.”


In the month of February, 2007, we received an e-mail from a person in Kenya, who had been working with Isaiah and Rose. In the letter he told us that there was a group of SDA people from Canada coming to Kenya and that Isaiah now had informed his people that the teaching received from our ministry was false. As this person did his own investigation, he found out that Isaiah and Rose were in contact with numerous ministries and told each ministry that they were affiliated with them and followed their doctrine. In order to receive more money and assistance, Isaiah and Rose did not have their own Christian doctrine, but adapted it to whomever they were contacting.

There was not just one person contacting us, but several, and we were told that they had left Isaiah and Rose because of their dishonesty and how they manipulated ministries in the United States and Canada. I was grieved when I read this and decided to do my own investigation before I came to a conclusion.


I wrote back to the people in Kenya and asked for names and addresses of people who were supporting Isaiah and Rose. They responded and as soon as I had received names and addresses, I started to contact these people in the United States and Canada and asked them what their involvement was with Isaiah and Rose. Here is what I found out:

Barry Shearon

This man lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is an independent working Christian who sends out study aids and Bibles to those who need them. Barry told me that sometime during the year of 2006, three pastors from Kenya contacted him and claimed that they were “Sabbath keepers,” preaching the “Three Angels Message.” (This is the name of the SDA television network). All three wanted to affiliate with Barry.

Isaiah Kego Oendo indicated a desire to have the books Barry offered. Here is a list of the books sent him, taken from Barry’s response to me:

“Pastor Oendo indicated a desire to have the books and he was the first to be sent them. He received a Strong’s Concordance, a Jay Green Hebrew Greek English Interlinear Bible, Zodhiates Complete Word Study Dictionary NT, Baker Complete Word Study Dictionary OT, Jim Found’s workbook, Learn Greek In 30 Minutes A Day, Bullinger’s Companion Bible, An ordinary King James Bible, Halley’s Bible Handbook, A CD copy of McClintock & Strong’s Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, a DVD copy of Ken Ham’s “Why Won’t They Listen?,” several other Answers in Genesis DVD’s, one each of a handful of AIG tracts, tracts from Grace and Truth Ministries of Hendersonville, TN, and assorted cassettes, VCRs, and DVDs of Jim Brown’s teaching ministry on a variety of subjects.”

Let me again quote from Barry’s letter to me:

“When the books arrived, Pastor Oendo wrote me saying that the customs charges amounted to nearly $60, that they did not have the funds, and wanted me to wire him money to receive the books. I can’t remember but believe that this was not his first request for funds. Nevertheless, told him I sent books, not money, and that he should try to get the money elsewhere. Not long thereafter, he wrote to say that they had gotten the materials.”

I have come to the conclusion that this was another scam from Isaiah and Rose. When Mrs. Amacher was sending clothing and other material items to Isaiah and Rose, they told her that they were not able to pick them up due to heavy customs fees. Thus Mrs. Amacher sent additional cash to pay for the customs. In 2006, Mrs. Amacher told them that she could no longer send money for customs duty, since she is living on a fixed income, and then Isaiah wrote back and told her that things had now changed with the Customs in Kenya, and since these packages were “used items for the poor and not to be sold,” they no longer charged customs on them.

Karen Krooskos Bowers

This lady openly states that she is a Seventh Day Adventist. I am now quoting from her letter which she sent to me after I asked what was the extent of her involvement was with Isaiah and Rose:

“It was about 9 months ago that I received a letter from Pastor Oenda, asking for Bibles.  He told me at the time that he had been a Sabbath keeper and had been affiliated with the SDA church, and much like the story that you shared with me, they locked horns and he left the church but still believed and kept the Sabbath.  He said that he had been receiving my articles on the Sabbath and was greatly blessed.  Would I be able to help with the Bibles or did I know someone who would?

“I was able to collect 50 of them and pack them in boxes, but all the people who had offered to help pay for the shipping suddenly vanished.  Add to that the fact that I had just started going through chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, and I just couldn’t quite get it all together to send them.  As I write, they are sitting in the trunk of my car, and I have determined to send them tomorrow after I deposit my check from a large job I just finished.  I know the people who volunteered the money, and will hit them up again once I send them out because I have already spent quite a large sum of money over the Christmas project which I mentioned to you earlier.

“A little more detail on that…a young friend of mine named Brittany asked me if I had a Mission Project that she could work on.  She has a true heart for service and it also looks good on her resume for college.  I said yes, that Pastor Oenda had 32 orphans who needed clothing and school books.  So we set out to collect 32 backpacks and fill them with used clothing and school materials, pack them up and send them to Kenya.  Like you, I had already sent one package that cost me a small fortune to mail—a camera, a book and I believe a scarf.  I wanted the camera to arrive immediately so that he could take pictures of the children and the area.  He said that it cost him $25 to receive it and I thought ‘OUCH’ but it had cost me $50 to send it PLUS the cost of the digital camera, so I did not offer to send him any money for duty.

“When the backpacks started to arrive, I thought UT-OH…these people are being really generous!  So I laid it before the Lord, that if He had so touched the hearts of these people to give so generously, I believed that He would supply the money to ship this stuff to them AND to pay for the duty. 

“That night when I got home, I found a letter from a woman in New Zealand who had heard via emails that I was wanting to help this orphanage, and could I use $1,000?  Praise the Lord!  I thought this is my money to do the shipping!  But then I told her that we needed money for shipping AND for duty on the Kenya end, that she was to decide through prayer what to do with it, but I personally hoped she would send it to me to get this stuff shipped off. 

“The next day I received an email from her saying that as soon as she got my email, she knew what to do.  She wired the money directly to Pastor Oendo.

“YIKES!!! I thought for a second, and then said no, God, thank you and praise your wisdom, I shall await the miracle that you will provide to get this stuff out of here now.  And then my phone rang and a friend who HAS the money to spend but is often a real tightwad said “Hey, I will pay for the shipping to Kenya.”  Prayer answered in less than 30 minutes.

“So the next week we finished packing all 21 boxes and shipped everything off with a prayer of rejoicing and relief.  They still have not received the packages, but they have the money to pay the duty when it arrives.  In the meantime, Allison, who says that she received the exact same letter from you that I did, has sent additional funds for Pastor Oendo to use as he sees fit.  By the way, when Allison was writing to us to tell us of her decisions to send the money, her husband was in the other room and suddenly died from a heart attack.  Yeah, my mouth was hanging open as I read the email from her.  She has since buried him and continues to minister to the Oendo’s from New Zealand.

“There is another man involved a bit as well, his name is Marco, also from New Zealand. Marco knows someone else by email who happens to live a few kilometers from the Oendo’s who told us a bit of this story too, that your group had helped them, and that they somewhat flip-flop on the day of worship question.  So with your stories…the overall picture is somewhat coming together. 

“Allison said that she was not going to write to you, but would instead write to Pastor Isaiah directly and ask him to please explain what is going on.  As you put it, the situation in Kenya is pretty appalling by American standards, and they certainly can use all the help that they can get.  I have pictures of the area, even started some web pages to help the orphanage, and currently Brittany and I are trying to raise about $600 to buy two RO water purification machines that Pastor Oendo says he can get over there.  I WANT to find someone who is in the area who accepts VISA so I can pay for them over the phone, see the receipt and not have to pay Western Union money fees, but he says that they only deal in cash.  I could buy the machines here but then if something goes wrong with them, how do they get them fixed?  And the money transfer fees certainly won’t be as expensive as the shipping of the machines over there.  I WISH I could contact one of the churches in Kenya to “check up” on what is going on over there, get a few more pictures of the area to help in promoting things, but I’m in the last shakedown of  a year of fighting cancer and I will be totally frank:  I’M TOO POOPED!!! 

“So I don’t know where this leaves us all.   I’ve laid my cards out on the table as I feel you have as well.  I know that both the Oendo’s are very fluent in English, but probably they are not as fluent in American culture, but have learned to please the American psyche and ego?  Are we being flim-flammed or have we simply met a very industrious man who has done a great job of raising money for these children?  He may be using less than honorable means to raise the money, a little too much flattery, a little too much attempting to please whomever he is contacting, but is it more than that?” 

Demetrius Leach, Nicola Straub and Kevin Straub

To my knowledge, this is an SDA group doing work in Kenya. Some might be from Canada. When this group was contacted concerning their upcoming trip to Kenya in March 2007, this was the response from Kevin Straub:

“To Whom It May Concern:

“The truth is that none of these people are hosting us.  We have our own hired transportation and are making our own arrangements for accommodations.  There will be meeting places established to which all may come to hear the word preached.  We will announce the locations when the time is appropriate. If people think they are going to control the work of God, they might find themselves to be fighting with God. Let them take that chance, if they are so brave!! We are not concerned about who is a Saturday keeper and who is a Sunday keeper, who says they are a pastor, who says they have orphans. Those who live by dishonesty and deception shall suffer the consequences of rejecting the way of our Lord.  Instead, let them be patient to hear the gentle voice of He who knows all their cares and whose counsel is not to strive and scheme, but to rest only in His watchful care.

“We know that everyone thinks we are coming with our fists full of money to give to them, but they are sadly mistaken about this.  We are all just missionaries who have been working very hard for many months to raise the money from donors to send us to your country. 

“Our purpose is twofold, in that we are investigating and making a full assessment for, "A Better World," organization to see if we shall continue to have a work in the area where our contact brother Cyrus Ogega lives and also to determine exactly what kind of work that shall be.  We have for some time now, been feeding some children with donation funds that come from various of our brethren and friends from all over the world, and those funds are now almost finished.

“The other purpose in our travel to your country is to freely dispense the treasures of God's storehouse of truth with our brother Demetrius Leach from Barbados, and as such, we welcome all to partake of these blessings!

“I am saddened and appalled to see how many of these people have been acting toward us and toward each other, as if we are some high and rich officials who they can seize to themselves and make a convincing story so to secure gain for their own purposes. The backbiting, lying, jealousy, and strife is simply ridiculous.  None of this is godly conduct and brings grief to the Spirit of God.  Furthermore, it will all come to naught, for God's purposes will be established only in righteousness and in truth.

In Spirit and in Truth,



On March 13, 2007, I received the following e-mail from Nicola Straub. I am leaving the names in the header of the email intact so that anyone can see who they are in contact with.

To: Richard Kombo ; Tom Mose ; Sammy Okindo ; Rabson Sagana ; Patrick Ochoki ; Naftal Mwabi Onditi ; Moses Kenyanya ; Isaac Osoro ; Evans Moseti Nyarango ; Fred and Rose ; Isaiah Kego Oendo ; Joseph N'tenga ; Pastor Peterson Okioma ; Paul Momanyi ; Richard Mogendi ; Pastor Jefferson Kengere ; Yussuf Nyameri ; Nchaga Samfan

Cc: Cyrus Bosire ; Demetrius Leach ; Kevin Straub ; Dick Mochache

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 8:21 AM

Subject: Last Group Bulletin

“Dear Brothers in Christ,

I am sending out the one last bulletin before we leave for Kenya.  Our schedule for the Kisii area has not changed but this e-mail will give some more details: 

March 19- Arrive in Kisii.

March 20- A meeting with the village chief at his office, by Ogembo.  This meeting will be at 11:00 am, and anyone wishing to meet us there can do so at about 11:30 am or so.  This would only be for the purposes of establishing some initial introductions.  All are welcome to come but everyone is also welcome to wait to meet us at the group meetings in your own areas, if you prefer. After the meeting, we will go on to conduct some other business, on our own, for the remainder of the day.

March 21- We will spend the morning conducting some personal business.  In the afternoon, we will have a group meeting for the people from the Ogembo region, at the hall in Ogembo.  This meeting is open to all who are interested and will start at 1:00 pm.

March 22- Afternoon meetings at the Marsh Park hotel, in Kisii, starting at 1:00 pm.  Everyone welcome.

March 23- No scheduled group meetings. 

March 24- Sabbath meetings. All are welcome.  Exact time and location are to be decided and announced after we are in Kisii.

March 25- Depart Kisii area in the morning.

I believe this will give everyone an ample opportunity to meet with us.  We look forward to fellowshiping with all those who wish to join us.  If anything should change in this schedule, we will be sure to let you know.  After this e-mail is sent out, I may not be able to communicate with you all again, via e-mail, but rather will be in contact once we are in Kenya.  We look forward to seeing you soon!  God bless!


Sister Nicola Straub” 

Rev. Mario Bruni & Marco Monti

These two men are in contact with Isaiah and Rose, but I do not know to what extent. Mario Bruni is the President of True Light Ministries, a mission organization for sending out teaching material. Marco Monti is from New Zealand but I don’t know what his ministry is doing.


After I started to receive answers to my e-mail requests, I drew the conclusion, that my sources in Kenya had indeed worked with Isaiah and Rose and had access to their files of donors in the West. I was told that there was some kind of a Bishop residing in Chicago, USA, who was supporting the Oendo’s with $730 per quarter. However, they had not been able to access this file.


When Mrs. Amacher wrote to Isaiah and confronted him over the issue that he had been lying to us, this was his response. As you look at this response, it shows no remorse, instead it is something he must have copied and pasted from a Freemasonic publication. This man is uneducated in the sense that he is not schooled in western thought and yet his style of writing below is similar to that of freemasonry, new age and occult writings.


The Preacher

I am a Preacher of truths, a man of God, fearing Him and reverencing Him, with a reverent fear. I seek no glory, nor honor, for I am unworthy to accept these things. For I have found that within me is no good thing, for I am, just a man. I am black, yellow, tan and many colors in between. I am young and old, free and bond. I am rich and yet poor, poor and yet not without, I am a preacher. I am from Africa to the world, I am a man of flesh and blood, holding faith in the All Mighty. I see those things that are not visible, and hear those things that are not perceived. I hide not from my enemies for there is one greater above, I preach Sacrifice and Glory, and an un-ending Love.

I am to do works greater than the Master, but being humble as I go. I have seen all things created by the Father, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers. I have seen the weak made strong and the strong being made weak, the foolish becoming wise and the wise becoming foolish. I am a preacher of the truth, of Jesus Christ, of the Cross, Resurrection and of the Assention.

Ecc 12:9-11; And moreover, because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge; yea, he gave good heed, and sought out, and set in order many proverbs.

I am a preacher of knowledge, a guide to the blind, I am a preacher sometimes with contention, but always with love. I am not a lord nor a king, I am a Shepard to many, and a staff to the weary. I am my Fathers child, one who receives correction as needed and a kind hand when I am troubled, I am a preacher.

Php 1:15-17; Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will:

The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds:

But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel.

I see the bonds of my brothers and sisters, I feel their pain. I hunger, when they hunger, I cry, when they are sad, I rejoice when they are happy, and morn, when they die, I am a Preacher.

The preacher sought to find out acceptable words: and that which was written was upright, even words of truth.

I seek out acceptable words, to comfort and to guide. I seek the will of God in all things, for I can do nothing without Him. I Can not change the sun rise or make the moon to fall, cannot change the course of the stars or make the seas to roar.

The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd. I preach the acceptable year of the Lord, not for fortune, nor for fame, If some one still is lost, am I still to blame?

Php 1:20-21; According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death.

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Do I suffer, when the heathen rage, am I beaten and hunted, for the word I proclaim? As I preach the truth many become angry and confused, they hate and argue, refusing to hear the truth. Does your God need a Son, or do the dead really arise? When I tell them yes, they are so much surprised. Why cant God have a Son, or raise many from the dead, do you presume to tell God, that you are, in charge instead? I am a preacher, a prophet, a teacher, a healer, a man that has accepted the responsibility and has born up his cross. Eph 6:12-13; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

This is what I preach, a hope, a love and a Christ for all men. I preach God and strength and humanity to all. I preach a Cross and a tomb, I preach a resurrection and a visiting. I preach victory over death and the Grave, over sin and its author, Satan. I preach of a God that gave His best, and a Son that took on sin, all the rest. I preach a perfect sacrifice of blood, a Lamb, a Lion and a King, from above. For, I am a preacher.

I pray that the almighty may open up more understanding and insighty over all that has been said and that he straigthen our failures in His service.

Peace and love to you Dear Mother.

Pastor Isaiah

Ps.The Board is meeting tommorow to share more about the email you sent me today.

I remain prayerfull waiting to hear what the Lord says to you.”

When Isaiah and Rose realized that Mrs. Amacher (a 77 year old widow) was no longer going to send money to them, they responded with a number of e-mails saying that they were sorry and that in no way had they changed their services back to Saturday. However, by this time, our ministry had stopped sending the weekly sermons and other material to the Oendo's. Then I received a letter from a pastor friend (Henry Oigo Okenda) of the Oendo’s who is affiliate with Mario Bruni:

From: truelight ministries International Kenya Mission

To: John S. Torell

Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 10:35 PM

Subject: Report about Pastor Isaiah.

“Dear Pastor John,

“Lovely kingdom greetings to you and yours in the Lord.

“I am pastor Henry Oigo Okenda from Kenya Ogembo and i am the general oversea for the truelight ministries international Africa where the ministry presidednt is Rev Mario Bruni from the North Caroline richlands Usa. he was here over october to november and conducted awonderfull conference that had more than 150 pastors in our region attending and the theme of the conference was love and unity in the kingdom work.

“true light ministry is only a teaching ministry that does not plant or support pastors.

“Pastor Isaiah Kego Oendo and his wife Rose are very wonderfull and devoted people i have had time to be with here. First i have to appreciate the wonderfull supportive work that you are doing with him here like:

“1.Church registration (Ressurrection  Life Of Jesus Church Kenya Africa)

“2.Buying him sound system for crusades and church evangelism,

“3.Powerfull Generator for church events

“4.Prayers for the wonderfull work here,

“5. and many others that i may not have known. Big than you and may God bless you so much and that you may continue praying and supporting your faithfull and kind man of God Isaiah. He is a smart man in Ministry , he does good, i love him as a friend in the gospel.

“Since pastor Isaiah is my friend in His service and a member of the Pastors fellowship in our local town here where i am the chairman of the pastors network here i invited him to attend the Conference and since he is a man of great integrity and understanding of the word of God my ministry president considered to have him as one of his team BUT  Pastor Isaiah stood before the whole conference with more than 150 pastors and declared his position with the Resurrection church and said he was not ready to duplicate responsibilities in the Kingdom work. To me this qualifies your dear pastor to be very honest and accountable with mission work. so not have any problem with him that he is being supported with other ministry. MY ministry does not support any one here and as i said earlier it is just a teaching ministry that trys to bring love and unity between brothers in the Kingdom work.

“I love him since he comes from pastors who have been very blessed to apoint of having big vehicles but he does not consider that to be worthy but he values so much kingdom work. Pray for thy providence in his divine purposed church work that is fast expanding. the devil is not happy with the work that is being done by faithfull servants here where we and isaiah are major targets since we are trying to win africa to Jesus christ.

The email below was fowarded to me by my ministry president and that is why i had to know you and your address.

‘We have been doing support work in Kenya for a native Christian group hosted by Pastor Isaiah Kego Oendo and his wife Rose. We are wondering if you have also been helping out Pastor Oendo and his group. We do not want to duplicate work that somebody else it doing and it would be great to hear from you. Thank you for your response.

Pastor John S. Torell

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church’

Please dear Pastor let me hear from you about this since we are called to work in unity and love and all the emails that have been writen to you are for malice and evil minds that want to destroy the wonderfull good work that is being raised up.

Pass my love regards to your in His body.

For truelightkenya mission.

Pastor Henry Oigo Okenda”


After I had reviewed all these messages the only conclusion I can draw is that Isaiah and Rose have been lying to us and others for some time. In one of his letters to us, Isaiah told us that he had a cell phone and gave us his telephone number. If a man is living out in the countryside under great poverty, how does a cell phone work? If all his people are so poor that they have no shoes and very little clothing, do they also have cell phones so that their pastor can call them?

From the very beginning, Mrs. Amacher made it clear to Isaiah and Rose that we could not support them financially, but we would do what we could. She told them that we had no problem if they contacted other ministries and got help from them. Our goal as a mission organization is not to get a foothold on a mission field and force the local people to be our “slaves” so that they cannot fellowship with anyone else. Despite this, Isaiah and Rose told us over and over again, that the SDA was in false doctrine and that they had switched to Sunday services and believed our doctrine over the SDA.

Now we have found out that Isaiah and Rose are telling others that we are in false doctrine and they have gone back to having church on Saturdays. I don’t have a problem with them worshiping on Saturday or any other day for that matter, what I take issue with is the lying. It would seem that from the very beginning, Isaiah and Rose set out to deceive us in order to get additional support outside the SDA. Furthermore, they were not truthful to Mrs. Amacher when they begged her for money for food, medicine and clothing, indicating that if Mrs. Amacher did not respond, they might die due to no medicine, etc. The letters to Mrs. Amacher from Isaiah and Rose are written with much flattery and then beg to the point that the reader of the letter feels so guilty, that there is only one way to get out of the guilt, send money.

During the last 30 years, the SDA churches have gone through a change, and part of the SDA church has rejected the teachings of Ellen G. White and become more compatible with fundamental evangelical Christianity. If the Oendo’s were affiliated with this particular group that rejected Ellen G. White, I don’t have any problems with them working with us and the SDA.

When my wife and I attended a Business Men’s Fellowship meeting in the San Francisco area at the end of 2006, we met another Swede, who worked as a missionary to Africa. He told us that he and his organization had pulled out of Kenya due to the immoral state of the Christians in Kenya when it comes to finances and fleecing people in the West. He told us that the Christians in Kenya had by now reached the same sophistication as the Christians in Nigeria, who have been running scams for many years with the most tear dripping stories ever published. When we heard this, I felt sad and told him that the people we were working with in Kenya were honest people. Little did I know that less than two months later I would find out that this man from Sweden was correct.

It is with great sorrow that I have to release this report to the Christians around the world, but it is my duty to warn others, when someone is using the name of Jesus to fleece people.

We have chosen not to correct spelling and grammar in the different letters, so that you can read them as they were sent to us.

We have also made the decision not to show e-mail addresses in this publication, to protect each person from spammers. However, if you are reading this report and want to contact the people to verify what I have written, please feel free to contact us and we will furnish you with a list of e-mail addresses.


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An intimate Love Letter from Father God to you.

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