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By John S. Torell


It was with great sadness that I read a letter from Ted Pike which I am including below in which he tells about a boycott he is receiving from the mainstream Christian leadership. I have never met Ted in person but we became good friends back in the mid 1980’s and we have exchanged material we each produced. He has received The Dove magazine and The Flaming Sword newsletter from me and we received his newsletters. We carry his book, Israel, Our Duty and Dilemma, which was a bold move on his part to let Christians know the truth about our relationship with the political State of Israel.

Most mainstream Christians are indoctrinated as Christian Zionists, whereby they believe that if a Christian does not bless the political state of Israel, then God will curse them. If you ask a Christian where this is found in the Bible they will turn and refer to the blessing of Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3; 22:16-18), but if the text is carefully read, it never states anything about the State of Israel, and in the New Testament, Paul states that the seed of Abraham are the born again believers in Christ (Romans 4:11-16; 9:1-8). Paul makes it very clear in that Jews and Gentiles alike must come through Christ in order to be counted as heirs of Abraham (Galatians 3:16-29).

According to the American Jewish leadership, Ted Pike is anti-Semitic but let’s be fair and define exactly what anti-Semitism is and is not. According to the World Zionist Federation, the ADL and all other Jewish organizations, an anti-Semite is any person who does not support the political state of Israel, is critical of Jewish policies or exposes historical facts which are not kind to Jewish people.

It is interesting to note that the mainstream Christian leadership in the United States doesn’t care if Christian researchers examine different religions like Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  Books on these subjects are readily available in Christian bookstores and many of these stores are owned and operated by American Jews. So it doesn’t produce any problems if books are very critical of different religions. Christian researchers examining and writing critical books and articles about the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other sects that have deviated from Christianity do not raise any concern because the Christian bookstores make hefty profits on these sales.

But if a Christian researcher decides to investigate Judaism, where it came from, what they have been doing in the past and what they are doing now, this is unacceptable to the American Jewish leadership and they have installed a great fear into all mainstream Christian leaders about the threat of being labeled as anti-Semitic. They know that if they are labeled as such, their finances will dry up and they will be boycotted and driven into isolation. If a minister is on the radio and television, it will not take long before he is forced off the air. No publishing houses will print his books and the media will never mention his name. As far as the world knows, the person will no longer exist.

Ordinary Christians are clueless about all this. If you’re reading this and this is new to you, I know you find this hard to believe but I challenge you to contact Christian ministries and ask them why they are not talking about Ted Pike and giving him credit for what he has done. Ask them what Ted has done that is so horrible to warrant being labeled an anti-Semite? I don’t believe that any ministry will dare to respond to your questions because they have no answers and are operating out of fear of American Jewish power.

Please read Ted’s letter below and then start checking things out. I have written a series of articles called, Dancing Around the Golden Calf. Please read them and start to think, pray and do your own research, and you will come to the same conclusion that Judaism is the cradle for the coming Anti-Christ. Send links to all your friends and let’s break the monopoly of power of the Jewish leadership and expose them.


I don’t hate the Jewish people nor does Ted Pike. Neither one of us hates the Muslim’s, Hindu’s and Buddhist’s. On the contrary, we love all people and our aim is to present Jesus Christ and see them born again. This is a hate crime to the Jews and for this Ted is considered anti-Semitic. True anti-Semitism can be defined as hating the Jews by not giving them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

C.H. Spurgeon once said, “If sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies. And if they will perish, let them perish with our arms around their knees, imploring them to stay. If hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned and unsprayed for.” To be called an anti-Semite by the Jews for standing up for truth is like the pot calling the kettle black. As such, we will continue to expose the future Anti-Christ system which will eventually take over the world.

Ted Pike is not anti-Semitic. He is a Christian researcher exposing the evil deeds of Jewish leaders as they try to further their agenda while keeping the Gentiles ignorant and happy.




By Rev. Ted Pike


When Hitler and Mussolini came to power, parliamentary governments had been in place in Germany and Italy for at least a half a century. These dictators established political power outside legislative due process, under the guise of national emergency. They ruled by fiat – claiming such was the only efficient way to regain national power and honor. In just this way, Democrats betrayed justice in the Senate this past week.

On Thursday, with audacity Sen. John McCain said is “breaking new ground,” Democrats approved their hate bill in disregard of literally every constitutional restraint on tyranny. They defied adequate and fair Judiciary hearings, Mark-up session, Rules session and allowance of open debate before a quorum on the Senate floor. This is not the American way. It is government and law by legislative fiat, the way of Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.

It is tyranny.

How should lovers of freedom respond to this and other coming assaults on liberty? The hate bill victory is a green light for ADL-inspired hate laws such as ENDA and cyber-bullying bill, HR 1966. Having passed the landmark hate crimes bill via totalitarian means, Congressional Democrats will continue their strategy with even greater boldness.

Patriots of all religious and political persuasions must unite with a shout of protest against further shattering of freedom.

Disunity Plagued Hate Bill Opposition

Liberal activist groups welcome any faction, no matter how depraved.  Such cooperation has not existed among conservatives in opposition to the hate bill this winter and spring.

As early as late December, I began to broadcast and write against the hate bill. I phoned new right leadership groups, encouraging them to jumpstart education and offensive action. Over the past seven months, I have given 196 radio interviews, posted 72 articles and created 5 short documentary videos against the federal hate crimes bill. I provided the calls to action that slowed what might have been extremely rapid passage of the hate bill. (Action, Not Just Prayer, Can Kill Hate Bill) https://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/actionnotjustprayercankillbill.htm

Yet for the first nearly four months of the hate bill’s progress, except for WorldNet Daily, the evangelical right responded with silence and inaction. The religious right only finally came alive after I dramatized the House Judiciary’s rejection of Rep. Steve King’s demand for a pedophile-excluding statement on the hate bill, as well as Rep. Alcee Hasting’s enthusiastic support of the hate bill’s protection of pedophiles. The most striking form of protest that finally emerged was WorldNetDaily’s campaign (initiated by Janet Porter) to FedEx hundreds of thousands of form letters to the Senate. This was fueled by a continuous stream of WND articles opposing the hate bill. With the notable exceptions of Focus on the Family and Family Research Council, a number of evangelical watchdog groups, particularly Traditional Values Coalition and Faith2Action, began to loudly militate against the hate bill.

Yet if you read their articles or listen to their broadcasts, you will notice that to this moment, there is no mention of the in-depth educational ministry of the National Prayer Network and its website, truthtellers.org. Our website, if visited by countless Christians/conservatives, could exponentially energize hate law opposition.

Boycotting Ted Pike

Early this winter an evangelical leadership source told me that he listened to a telephone conference between top evangelical leaders concerned about how to stop the hate bill. He said that all major watchdog groups agreed nothing should be said or done to indicate any association with “anti-Semitic” Rev. Ted Pike. Another leadership authority told me WND’s Joseph Farah was particularly determined his online newspaper generally say nothing that might suggest influence from me.

Does this help explain the initial nearly four-month silence of most of the religious right toward any recognition of the hate bill threat? Were they afraid that, if they popularized the issue, people would flock to the world's preeminent website in opposition to hate laws? Would people discover the ADL (Jewish supremacist) origin of hate laws, undermining evangelicals’ claim that hate laws originate with liberals and homosexuals? It is likely.

For the past seven months, I have repeatedly seen the religious right ignore vital information about the hate bill threat and opportunities to defeat it for only one possible reason: they didn't want to be seen as influenced by me.

After Janet Porter, head of Faith2Action, informed me that conservative witnesses were being turned away by Sen. Leahy’s Senate Judiciary Committee, I immediately quoted her, mounting a national campaign of protest. She called back to tell me that Andrea Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition and some of her radio listeners had “reamed her out" for even talking to me! She warned me that if ever again I mentioned publicly that I had talked to her, she would never answer any call from me -- even concerning an imminent hate bill threat!

On July 10 and again on July 12, I emailed WND’s Bob Unruh and Joseph Farah that the hate bill would be coming to a vote very quickly and they must rally immediate protest. WND responded by posting articles on such topics as Obama’s dubious citizenship all week until 11:35 p.m. Wednesday, July 15.

The hate bill passed on Thursday.

The "Threat" of Ted Pike

St. Paul asked, “Have I therefore become your enemy by telling you the truth?” (Gal. 4:16)  I am only a “threat” to deep, habitual error that leads evangelical leaders and their followers into unholy alliance with spiritual and political wickedness. I testify that they and their fathers are guilty of holding to an unbiblical policy of unconditional support of Israel.  This has led to carte blanche approval of more than 60 years of the most horrendous human rights abuses against the Palestinians. Their inflexible policy of non-criticism of Jewish supremacy, including its ascendant control of media, government, finance, education, etc., as well as hate crimes laws, has effectively built the walls of the coming Judaic New World order, “Babylon the Great.” (Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) Their refusal to criticize matters Jewish is responsible for allowing ADL to attain legislative dominion over Congress. https://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/jewsconfirmbigmedia.html

I bring the accusation that they have not guided and guarded their Christian flock as true and faithful shepherds. They have feared Jewish supremacist wolves more than they love their lambs. They flee for fear of the Jews rather than lay down their lives (and reputations) to protect the flock God has entrusted to them.

It’s debatable who fears me most: evangelical leaders or ADL! But, as we saw through my initiation of massive protest last week (leading directly to acceptance of the Brownback amendment), all I have done has borne good fruit – not evil. The Brownback amendment will help protect free speech in the most vicious, freedom-destroying legislation ever passed by Congress.

Is Ted Pike Anti-Semitic?

I have never uttered an anti-Semitic statement -- because I am not anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism is the racist belief that all Jews are genetically conspiratorial, degenerate, or corruptive. Hitler believed that. He thought the world would be a much better place without their existence and took steps to actually bring it about.

I believe the problem with Jewish supremacists in media, government, finance and Israel is that they, like their literal or spiritual forefathers the Pharisees, have made many, many bad moral decisions.

As a result, I, like the Hebrew prophets, must rebuke them (or any sinner) as the Lord leads. I do this in hope they will repent, as did St. Paul, who said, “My heart’s desire and prayer is that Israel be saved.” (Rom. 10:1)  If I fail to reprove or warn, or if I do not speak the whole, undiminished truth as God directs, I jeopardize my eternal soul. (Ez. 33, Jer. 26:22)

If I am anti-Semitic, then Jesus, John the Baptist, and all the prophets were raving anti-Semites!  They scathingly reproved all Jewish sinners, especially those abusing high authority.  Thus far, God has not led me to criticize evil Jewish leaders in language as searing and condemnatory as Jesus used in His incendiary attacks on the Pharisees!

We Can Trust the Truth

A central problem with Israel-first leadership and laity is that they fear the consequences of telling the whole truth about ADL authorship of hate laws, Jewish control of the media, Jewish origins of Communism, etc. (Jewish Activists Created Communism) They fear the whole truth will bear evil fruits – an outbreak of rampant anti-Semitism, persecuting God’s chosen people and frustrating His desire to preserve and redeem a remnant of them at His second coming. Actually, evangelical leaders are in much greater danger of provoking anti-Semitism by quenching the truth.  By exempting the vilest Jews from criticism and letting ADL establish oppressive hate laws worldwide and legislative control of Congress, they empower ADL to arouse the bitterest resentment of those they would enslave.  ADL, not Ted Pike, is much more likely to provoke worldwide anger and even virulent, vulgar anti-Semitism. https://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/jewishactivistscommunism.html

The whole truth is a fresh, cleansing wind that redeems society.  Jesus said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32) Truth-telling is the affirmation of reality. Until we embrace and serve truth completely, we will forever parse and manipulate reality  in a vain, self-defeating attempt to be safe and respectable.

As we have seen over the past several weeks, the evangelical right, knowing full well the imminent danger of hate bill passage, yet deciding to ignore my calls for action, only made themselves foolish. The depths of such foolishness were plumbed the previous week by the recommendation of Dr. James Dobson and FRC’s Tony Perkins that everyone should end all attempts to defeat the hate bill and just pray.

Listen to Focus on the Family's James Dobson betray efforts to fight the Hate Bill: 

Eventually, after I alerted them that homosexual calls in favor of the hate bill exceeded those of Christians against it, evangelical leadership groups finally did what was right. They worked with God and with me to create a massive three-day hate bill protest that continued just as strongly on Friday, the day after hate bill passage! When they did what was right, instead of being narrowly protectionistic and reactionary, God blessed us with adoption of the Brownback amendment.

But the question remains: If Christian/conservative leadership groups had been as proactive and vigilant as the National Prayer Network, might the hate bill have been defeated?

One thing is sure. Considering the darkness that looms before us, we dare not repeat our mistakes.

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