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Archaic Words in the NIV
Dr. Laurence M. Vance

The following list of archaic words in the New International Version (NIV) is taken from the 606-page, intensive and detailed, revised and updated work entitled, "Archaic Words and the Authorized Version," by Dr. Laurence M. Vance.

As we have seen throughout the main body of this work, archaic words are not limited to the AV. Not only do modern versions often retain the supposedly archaic words found in the AV, but many times a more formidable word is used to correct a perfectly understandable word or phrase in the AV. This appendix gives those places in the NIV where a simple word or phrase in the AV is replaced by a more difficult word, the base or root form of a word is unnecessarily extended, and those instances where an archaic or somewhat arduous word in the AV is replaced by an equally archaic or even more onerous word. In two respects, however, this list is not intended to be exhaustive. Not listed are those cases where a word or phrase in the AV is replaced by two or more words in the NIV; however, singular words in the NIV that update a small phrase in the AV are included. And secondly, due to the tremendous size of the Bible itself, an exhaustive list would not be suitable for inclusion as an appendix.

abasement Ezra 9:5 heaviness
abashed Is 24:23 confounded
abutted Ezek 40:18 over against
acclamation 2 Chr 15:14 voice
aghast Is 13:8 amazed
alcove Ezek 40:13 little chamber
annotations 2 Chr 13:22 story
armlets Num 31:50 chains
bewilderment Acts 2:6 confounded
blunted Ps 58:7 cut in pieces
blustering Job 8:2 strong
breakers Ps 93:4 waves
brooches Ex 35:22 bracelets
brood Is 57:4 children
burnished Dan 10:6 polished
carnelian Rev 4:3 sardine
charioteers I Sam 13:5 horsemen
citron Rev 18:12 thyine
colonnade I Ki 7:6 porch
commemorate Ex 13:3 remember
cooing Song 2:12 voice
cors I Ki 4:22 measures
curds Gen 18:8 butter
dappled Zec 6:6 gristled
debauchery Gal 5:19 lasciviousness
decimated 2 Sam 21:5 destroyed
dejected Gen 40:6 sad
deluded Is 44:20 deceived
denarii Matt 18:28 pence
denarius Matt 20:2 penny
desecrate Lev 21:12 profane
despoil Jer 30:16 give for a prey
detachment John 18:3 band
disheartened Ezek 13:22 sad
disillusionment Ps 7:14 falsehood
dissipation I Pet 4:4 riot
drachmas Ezra 2:69 drams
dragnet Hab 1:15 drag
duplicity Lk 20:23 craftiness
elation Pro 28:12 glory
embedded Ecc 12:11 fastened
embitter Ps 73:21 grieved
embodiment Rom 2:20 form
emphatically Mk 14:31 vehemently
encouragingly 2 Chr 30:22 comfortably
encrouch Pro 23:10 enter
engulf Ps 69:2 overflow
enrollment 2 Chr 17:14 numbers
enthralled Ps 45:11 greatly desire
enveloped Lk 9:34 overshadowed
exasperate Eph 6:4 provoke
exterminate Ezek 25:7 perish
exult Is 14:8 rejoice
factions 1 Ki 16:21 parts
famished Is 8:21 hungry
fattened 1 Sam 28:24 fat
faultfinders Jude 16 complainers
fawns Song 4:5 roes
fellowman Micah 2:2 man
festival Ex 5:1 feast
festive I Sam 25:8 good
fieldstones Deut 27:6 whole stones
figurehead Acts 28:11 sign
filigree Ex 28:20 enclosings
fishnets Ezek 26:5 nets
flagstaff Is 30:17 beacon
flank Ezek 34:21 side
fleeting Ps 89:47 short
flinging Acts 22:23 threw
flogged Acts 5:40 beaten
floodgates Gen 7:11 windows
fluttering Is 16:2 wandering
fomenting Is 59:13 speaking
forded Josh 2:23 passed over
forevermore Jude 25 for ever
frolic Ps 104:26 play
fruitage Is 27:9 fruit
gadfly Jer 46:20 destruction
gaiety Is 24:8 mirth
galled 1 Sam 18:8 displeased
gateway Gen 19:1 gate
gaunt Gen 41:3 leanfleshed
gauntness Job 16:8 leanness
gecko Lev 11:30 ferret
glancing Ex 2:12 looked
glint Hab 3:11 light
glistcning Job 41:32 shine
gloat Ps 30:1 rejoice
gloom Job 10:21 darkness
glutted Ezek 39:19 full
goblet Is 51:17 cup
goiim Gen 14:1 nations
grapevine James 3:12 vine
Hades Rev 20:14 hell
harrowing Is 28:24 break the clods
haunt Ps 44:19 place
headwaters Gen 2:10 heads
hoopoe Lev 11:19 lapwing
horde Ezek 17:17 army
ibex Deut 14:5 pygarg
ignoble 2 Tim 2:20 dishonour
impaled Ezra 6:11 hanged
imperishable I Cor 15:50 incorruption
impetuous Hab 1:6 hasty
improvise Amos 6:5 invent
incited 1 Chr 21:1 provoked
incurs Pro 9:7 getteth
indestructible Heb 7:16 endless
indignant Mk 10:41 displeased
indispensable 1 Cor 12:22 necessary
infamy Is 44:11 ashamed
innumerable 2 Chr 12:3 without number
insolence Jer 48:30 wrath
insolent Rom 1:30 despiteful
jeered 2 Ki 2:23 mocked
joists 2 Chr 34:11 couplings
jowls Deut 18:3 cheeks
kingship 1 Sam 10:16 kingdom
lifeboat Acts 27:30 boat
magi Matt 2:1 wise men
mainstay Jer 49:25 chief
marauders Job 12:6 robbers
marshaled Job 32:14 directed
mattocks 1 Sam 13:20 courter
maxiums Job 13:12 remembrances
melodious Ps 81:2 pleasant
memorandum Ezra 6:2 record
mina Lk 19:16 pound
misdemeanor Acts 18:14 wrong
naive Rom 16:18 simple
nationality Est 2:10 people
naught Is 40:23 nothing
Negev Gen 12:9 south
Nephilim Gen 6:4 giants
nightfall 2 Sam 19:7 night
noonday 2 Sam 4:5 noon
Nubians Dan 11:43 Ethiopians
nuggets Job 22:24 gold
nurtured Lam 4:5 brought
oarsmen Ezek 27:26 rowers
oblivion Ps 88:12 forgetfulness
obscenity Eph 5:4 filthiness
offal Ex 29:14 dung
officiate 2 Ki 17:32 sacrificed
opportune Mk 6:1 convenient
ore Job 28:2 stone
overawed Ps 49:16 afraid
overweening Is 16:6 very
parapet Deut 22:8 battlement
piled Lk 23:9 questioned
pinions Deut 32:11 wings
porphyry Est 1:6 red
portent Is 20:3 wonder
portico 1 Ki 6:3 porch
poultice 2 Ki 20:7 lump
Praetorium Matt 27:27 common hall
prefects Dan 3:3 governors
proconsul Acts 13:8 deputy
profligate Deut 21:20 glutton
promiscuity Ezek 16:26 whoredoms
qualm Jude 12 fear
rabble Num 11:4 mixed multitude
ramparts Hab 2: 11 tower
rawboned Gen 49:14 strong
reeked Ex 8:14 stank
repointing 1 Sam 13:21 sharpen
reposes Pro 14:33 resteth
reputed Gal 2:9 seemed
resound I Chr 16:32 roar
resplendent Ps 76:4 glorious
reveled Neh 9:25 delighted themselves
revelry Is 22:13 gladness
revening Jer 2:30 destroying
rifts Jer 2:6 pits
sachet Song 1:13 bundle
satraps Est 3:12 lieutenants
sheathed Ps 68:13 covered
siegeworks Ecc 9:14 bulwarks
simplehearted Ps 116:6 simple
sistrums 2 Sam 6:5 cornets
squall Mk 4:37 storm of wind
stadia Rev 14:20 furlongs
stag Song 2:9 hart
stipulations Deut 4:45 testimonies
suckling 1 Sam 7:9 sucking
sullen I Ki 21:5 sad
temperate I Tim 3:11 sober
tempest Ps 55:8 storm
terebinth Hos 4:13 elms
tethered 2 Ki 7:10 tied
thong Lk 3:16 latchet
thornbush Is 55:13 thorn
thundercloud Ps 81:7 thunder
timidity 2 Tim 1:7 fear
tinder Is 1:31 tow
torrent Rev 12:15 flood
tranquillity Ecc 4:6 quietness
transcends Phil 4:7 passeth
transplanted Ezek 17:10 planted
tresses Song 7:5 galleries
tumult 1 Sam 14:19 noise
turbulent Gen 49:4 unstable
tyrannical Pro 28:16 oppressor
tyranny Is 54:14 oppression
underlings 2 Ki 19:6 servants
vassal 2 Ki 24:1 servant
vaunts Job 15:25 strengtheneth
vent Job 20:23 cast
verdant Song 1:16 green
vestments Ezra 3:10 apparel
vexed Ps 112:10 grieved
wadi Num 34:5 river
waylaid 1 Sam 15:2 laid wait for
waywardness Hosea 14:4 backsliding
weakling Joel weak
wily Job 5:13 froward
windstorm Is 29:6 storm
wrenched Gen 32:25 out of joint
wretches Matt 21:41 wicked men
yearling Is 11:6 fatling

Archaic Words and the Authorized Version
By Dr. Laurence M. Vance

As suitable for reading as it is valuable for reference this book provides an explicit and comprehensive examination of every word in the Authorized Version of the Bible that has been deemed archaic, obsolete, antiquated, or otherwise outmoded. The result is both a fascinating and encyclopedic study of words--their meaning, derivation, usage, and significance. The thesis of this seminal work is that the Authorized Version is no more archaic than daily newspapers, current magazines, and modern Bible versions. This book is unique in that it seeks neither to criticize nor to correct the text of the Authorized Version. Extensively documented with over 5,000 footnotes, the book contains twenty-four chapters and fourteen appendixes, with a preface, introduction, epilogue, and bibliography. 606 Pages

Dr. Vance's books may be purchased from:
Vance Publications
P.O. Box 11781
Pensacola, FL 32524
(850) 474-1626


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