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God’s Amazing Love Letter – The Bible

The Bible is the most incredible, miraculous, wonderful book ever written.  It is actually a whole library of 66 books.  It’s God’s love letter to us!

 It was:

Written over a period of nearly 1500 years.

Written on three different continents.

Written by many different authors – including fishermen, a cup bearer to the king, shepherds, farmers, rabbis, a tax collector, a doctor, poets, kings, preachers and prisoners.

Written in three different languages: Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.

It contains stories about:

War and peace, romance, suspense, family struggles, mystery, murder, kings, princes, prophets, births, deaths, money, poverty, spies, traitors, bullies, friends, enemies, heroes, adultery, forgiveness, faith, hope, love, hate, sinners and a savior.

It contains:

Poetry, prose, prophecy, history, sermons, love stories, laws, personal and public letters.  It contains every element of the human condition.  But yet, it is also a single story rather about Paradise – lost in Genesis, then regained in Revelation.  There is a message of hope throughout every book: the blood sacrifice and redemption of Jesus, who made us friends again with the Father by paying the price for our sins – something we could not do ourselves.

It is the number one selling and read book of all times.  It is full of thousands of controversial issues and all the authors agree upon them. – a miracle in itself.  More manuscripts have been found proving its authenticity than any other book from antiquity.  The Bible – you can read it, believe it, stake your life on it.

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