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John S. Torell

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Falling into Delusion

As we are approaching the end times on this earth we can see that there is one thing that is becoming rarer and that is people thinking as individuals rather than living with a “herd mentality.” There are a few trendsetters but billions are simply followers. Jesus proclaimed himself to be the light of this world but the people of the world have never accepted the trendsetters which God has sent. None of the prophets during the Old Testament times were well received by the people and their leaders. In fact, when God sent his only begotten Son, he was totally rejected by the Jewish leadership and condemned to death by them. Jesus was well aware of the debased spiritual climate on this planet and he continually warned his disciples not to be deceived, because there would be a falling away!

Once a Christian has been polluted, they will reject truths spoken by God. If you should you hear a Christian speaking in such a manner, know that they have contracted a “spiritual cancer” and are heading for destruction! Rejection of God’s truth is a capital offense, and anyone of his children found guilty, will be given a death sentence resulting in a premature death on this earth! When the backslidden Christian has rejected truth, there is a judgment from God called strong delusion. However, this strong delusion is not going to overtake the Christian in a split second, it might take years before the Christian is totally deteriorated and his spirit is so dull, that there is no spiritual discernment left. Strong delusion can be likened to Alzheimer’s disease. A person afflicted with this disease will know they have it and that there is no medical cure for it. This disease will cause them to lose their memory over time and will deteriorate until one day it is totally gone. God spoke to the prophet Ezekiel and showed him what will happen when a man or woman of God decides to backslide.

How do we have victory over Delusion?

The first thing to remember is that no one is immune to temptation; everyone has a point at which they will give in to temptation, and so if the temptation is strong enough, we will all succumb to it. If you cannot be honest with yourself, you won’t be honest with God or those around you. We must declare total spiritual bankruptcy and depend only on God’s righteousness; this is the only thing that will keep us from falling.

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