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Bill Chacon - Reality

Bill Chacon

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One night in Vietnam under a Saturday sky, lit up with incoming rockets near my compound, I felt my life could end at any minute. I looked up at the lonely foreign sky feeling thousands of miles from my loved ones and cried out to God that I would seek and serve Him if He got me through Vietnam.

God kept His side of the bargain but I didn't. I came home safe and sound and pursued my dreams. I received a bronze star on my departure from the army. I graduated with a college degree. And I was honored by meeting Elvis Presley and working as one of his security guards, all of which I never dreamed possible.

However, nothing seemed fulfilling to me, especially when I came close to Sunny West, Elvis' personal bodyguard. He told me about all the Cadillac's and gifts from Elvis, yet no one in his organization seemed happy. As a matter of fact, even Elvis, who had achieved fame and fortune seemed miserable!

I would lay at night and ask God, "What's life all about? Are you even there?" The following songs are testimonies of my struggles to find happiness and fulfillment and purpose in my life. This only happened when I realized God was there all the time, waiting for me to come to the "reality" of His love and saving grace, which come to us through His death on the cross.

The "reality" is that Jesus Christ is real and I could never earn God's love by anything I tried to do. I simply had to accept His gift. My prayer is that I can give back something to Him through these songs, small as that is, for all He has given me and that others may find Him to be "reality" too because God's gift is for all who will receive it.

1. Reality  
2.   Where Could I Go?
3. Miracle
4.   How Great Thou Art
5. Everyday Man
6.   Who Am I?
7. I'm Gonna See Jesus
8. People Need the Lord

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