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Trusting and Resting in God
John S. Torell

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Who was Elijah the Tishbite?

The Bible does not give a lot of information about the Prophet Elijah. Up until the time when God activated him, Elijah had been an unknown man in the Northern Kingdom who suddenly challenged King Ahab's authority.

In this series, join Pastor Torell and see how Elijah learned the following:

  • Being totally dependent upon the Lord to provide him with food and water on a daily basis.

  • Why he had the courage to challenge King Ahabís authority, a death sentence in those days.

  • God was greater than a man-made idol and it didnít matter that he was outnumbered 850 to 1 by the prophets of Baal.

  • Learn how Jezebel could project so much fear in Elijah so that he lost all his trust and security in God right after he won the contest on Mount Carmel against Baal.

  • See how God did not reject Elijah because of fear; the Lord still had a plan for him and knew that Elijah just needed to be rebuilt in his faith.

When the time came for Elijah to leave this earth; his place as a spiritual giant had forever been sealed as he was able to completely trust and rest upon God! As you listen to this series, your faith will also be built up as you see the many difficulties Elijah had to face, ones that are similar to what we also face today!

Listen to Part 1:

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