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Teaching Series on the Prophet Daniel
Sermon Outline Booklet
John S. Torell

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Price: $3.00

In this teaching series on the Book of Daniel, Pastor Torell brings out historical facts, cultural settings, but most of all, the message from God. Daniel was chosen by God to lead the people of Israel at a time of crisis when the nation was in upheaval, a large number of the people had been forced into captivity in a foreign land and sin was rampant.

Even though Daniel was only a young boy, his first stand for God was taken at the young age of 14. God responded to this young prince and gave him supernatural understanding and wisdom, so that when he stood before different kings, he was not intimidated, but radiated the power of God and impressed some of the most powerful men on the earth at the time.

God also saw fit to show Daniel visions of the future and what would happen in the end times. This series is an exciting look into the life of a young boy and his progress through life with its various challenges.

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