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John S. Torell


We are extremely thankful for those who helped fill our gas tank at the end of December. Anyone who drives a car knows that filling the tank once a month is not enough to get around, it is an ongoing process, and it is the same for our ministry. We are praying and asking for God to move upon our friends in these last days of January.


You can use PayPal to make a donation or send a check in the mail. Every month is a financial struggle and we need your help to meet all the obligations for this month. One time donations help temporarily but we need friends who will commit to giving regularly. Would you prayerfully consider doing so? May God richly bless you as we labor together in the Kingdom of God.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John S. Torell


Pastor John S. Torell - sermon on THE WORLD'S MONEY SYSTEM - Resurrection Life of Jesus Church: Carmichael, CA - Sacramento CountyAs a way of saying thanks, we will send a booklet on Jacob Frank with every donation. Few Gentiles know about this in the 18th century who was deeply educated in the Kabbalah and believed he was the reincarnation of Sabbatai Sevi. He believed in nihilism and advocated overthrowing every national government, executing every king and eradicating every trace of Christianity. Frank believed in destroying God’s laws and living in total sin, and while he was never able to put his revolutionary ideas into practice, his writings did become the foundation for the scourges of Communism, Nazism and Fascism and someday they will also be used by the Antichrist. The millions killed during the Second World War and the communist takeovers of Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Cuba are a direct result of Frank's writings. Their blood cries out for truth concerning this demonized man so that future generations can be warned about this hellish future.

From the Desk of John S. Torell




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